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VIVOSUN Blog Email 06/10/2022

All about control of your tent environment! Simple techniques to grow better by controlling your environment

Easy Ways to Control Temperature in a Grow Tent

How do I Increase Humidity in a Grow Tent

Increasing humidity is simple enough but maintaining proper humidity levels can be a bit more difficult. Explore a few tips in our blog here.

Easy Ways to Control Temperature in a Grow Tent

Temperature is key for growing and is often the make-or-break environmental control for growers. We have some handy tips for you in controlling temperatures here.

Growing Indoors – 3 Ways to Control Height of Your Marijuana Plants

Your environment is perfect but your plants are flourishing a little too much. How do you control their height? Come find out!

How do You Control Odor in a Grow Room

Your environment is controlled, your plants are the right size, and your buds are blooming—but they stink! What can you do? Read on to find out!

VIVOSUN Blog Email 06/3/2022

All about seeds! Start your garden now! Seed to harvest: start strong and grow well!

Seedling stage feature

Great Truth! What are “Autoflowering” Seeds

Autoflowers are all an awesome addition to growing—super easy, super fast, decent yields. So what are they? Come find out!

All About Cloning Your Cannabis! Step by Step

OK, most of us know about seeds—but what are clones? What strains of cannabis can be cloned and what can’t? Let’s take a look.

The Best Ways to Store Cannabis Seeds

Let’s say that you’ve bred a strain and now you want to save some seeds for later, what are the best techniques for storing seeds and how long do they last? Find out here.

When Should I Give Up on Seed Germination

So your seeds aren’t growing and you don’t know why. Should you wait or is it time to give up? Here are a few tips and tricks to improve!

VIVOSUN Blog Email 05/27/2022

All about your LEDs! What are they, how to hang them, what photoperiods, and how high?
Want to know how far your LED needs to be from your plant? Click here!

Blog EDM

What are the Best Ways to Use LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing

Let’s break it down: What are LED grow lights? What are the best ways to use them? What are the benefits of using LEDs? Get your questions answered here.

Tips for Hanging Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

OK, we know what LEDs are and we know how to use them, but what about setting them up? Here are a few tips to help you set up your lights as well as what considerations you should make before you do.

How Long should Grow Lights be on for Houseplants

We know what LEDs are and what they do, we know how to set them up, but what about the On and Off cycle, the Photoperiod? Well, this is a little more complicated and depends on a few things. Read this blog to learn more!

How Far should Seedlings be from Grow Light

The final, big question! How far should my grow light be from my plant canopy? It’s tricky and there isn’t a clear answer, but there are a few tips! Of course, this also depends on the strain you’re growing (if you’ve chosen autoflowers you’ll have a different answer). Come learn a bit!

VIVOSUN Blog Email 05/20/2022

Airflow, Lighting, Tents—Oh My! Let’s look at set-up secrets! Avoid these mistakes when setting up your grow tent—come check it out our new blog posts.

grow tent kit

VIVOSUN AeroZesh: Fully Controllable Ventilation

All ever wanted to know about the all-new VIVOSUN AeroZesh, our new Smart grow ventilation duct fan that will help you control humidity and temperature.

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using LED Grow Lights

Mistakes happen all the time but when we learn from others we can skip them! Here we cover 8 common mistakes growers make when using LED lights.

Helpful! How Do I Set Up A Grow Tent

Here we break down (or set up?) a few tricks for setting up our grow tent. If this is your first time this will be a big help!

The Best Ways to Clean a Carbon Filter in a Grow Room

Can carbon filters be cleaned? Is it even worth trying to do? We took a look at it and break down what you can and can’t do for an old filter.

VIVOSUN Blog Email 05/13/2022

Top tips to make better-growing choices! Easy advice to be a better grower.

grow light

How long does Germination Take
Germination time varies by strain, health, and quality—how do you know if your seed is a dud or just needs more time? Find out here!

What Type of Grow Light is Best for Indoor Plants
Sometimes choosing the right grow light feels like astrophysics, but it doesn’t have to! Read our guide to learn how to find the right light for you!

Techniques to Speed Up the Veg Stage
Always hearing about how other growers grow so much faster? Learn some tricks in this article!

Strategies to Fix Nutrient Lockout
Nutrient lockout is a huge problem! But what causes it and what can you do about it? Find out here!

VIVOSUN Blog Email 05/09/2022

Revealing Secrets to Becoming a Better Grower—Read the VIVOSUN Blog for More Tips!
Key tips from professional growers, click here to learn more.

watering seeds

Flushing Cannabis: When, Why, How

What does it mean to “flush” cannabis and how does it help improve your grow? If you’re just getting into growing this article is for you!

How often to Water Cannabis

How do I create the best watering schedule for my plant? What factors do I need to think about when designing my schedule? Click here and find out!

Why are My Weed Plants Turning Yellow

Didn’t read the first two articles and now your plants are turning yellow? Maybe it’s not underwatering at all! Click here and discover all the reasons your plants might be yellowing and what to do about it.

The Best Ways to Dry and Cure Cannabis

You made it to the drying stage! Hopefully your plants are dry because they’re ready for harvest, not because you forgot to water—check out some different techniques to dry your cannabis in this article. Happy smoking!

VIVOSUN Blog Email 04/29/2022

From Seed to Harvest with Automatic Environmental Controls!
Click to see revolutionary tech designed to help make growing fun and easy!


VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller

[NEW] Ever wonder how you could manage your entire grow system? The VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller makes growing fun and easy for everyone, regardless of experience. Come find out how now!

VIVOSUN App: Automatic Growth, Wherever You Are

[NEW] The VIVOSUN App is the most powerful way to synch all your equipment onto one platform. How can the VIVOSUN App change the way you grow for free? Download it now and pair it with your GrowHub Controller and start the next big thing!

Starting from Seed: What You Need and How Do You Do It

[NEW]  Starting from seed isn’t rocket science but it does take some special knowledge. We’ve asked a professional grower to write about different ways to start growing successfully—come check it out, you may learn something new!

What is the Right LED Wattage for a 4×4 Grow Tent

[NEW]  Matching light to tent size is crucial for a good grow, how do you do it? Click here and find out if your tent and LED grow light are a match, and find out how you can change it!

VIVOSUN Blog Email 04/24/2022

Automatic Environmental Controls for Better Yields, and More!

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs

VIVOSUN AeroLight—The Revolutionary Way to Grow Indoors

We built the AeroLight to help growers address common issues in their grow spaces: improving airflow without sacrificing light position and coverage, matching spectrum with stage of growth, having a lamp that is customizable and can be controlled automatically, having an LED light with just the right amount of coverage yet Is expandable for larger spaces. The AeroLight was our answer to a new generation of smart growing products. Come learn all about it in this blog!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

The Smart Grow System is revolutionizing the way growers organize their spaces and set up their growers. For the first time, they are able to automate all of their equipment with just the press of a button. So what makes this system so special? Follow along and check out why there are so many great reasons to love the Smart Grow System!

Should I Use Carbon Filters in My Grow Room

Carbon filters are a kind of addition to your ventilation system that helps remove odors from a space. Carbon filters are filled with activated charcoal that magnetically attract scent particles, helping clean air before it leaves the tent. So how should you organize them and set them up? How exactly do they work? Follow the link to find out more!

How Many Plants Can I fit in a 4×4 Grow Tent

You’ve made the leap to a 4×4 tent but now you’re probably wondering: how many plants can fit in there? Can I pack my plants tightly into the space? It’s a great question and the answer may surprise you because there are some clever ways to increase the number of plants that are contained in a small space without missing out on good yields. Come take a look and find your answer here!

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