How do You Control Odor in a Grow Room


Control Odor in a Grow Room

When you grow cannabis indoors, some plants will emit a strong smell, so how do you control odor in a grow room? Odor can be a problem for you or maybe your neighbor especially when you live close by. There are many ways to control odors but sometimes it’s impossible to remove smells entirely, but you can at least keep it at a workable level.

Regardless of whatever type of plant you’re going to grow, there will be always some odors present. However, there are many things we could do, from circulation to humidity control, to reduce smells.

How to Control Odor in a Grow Room

Using Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are an important part of your ventilation system, and using them is a great way to get rid of smells. As air is extracted from your grow room the activated layer of carbon will attract scent molecules, removing them from the expelled air.

If you would like to remove more odor, the first thing you need to do is to use a carbon filter with a deep carbon bed that holds more activated carbon, since once the smell molecules are caught by the filter they stay there permanently, so the larger the filter the more smells you’ll be able to remove. Also, make sure your fan and filter are connected properly: the filter should have the same flange diameter as your ventilation fan and ducting, otherwise, you’ll likely let smells escape.

Carbon filters usually need to be replaced every grow cycle because filters will fill up with scent molecules over that time. Also, be sure to use a cover for your filter to keep larger objects out of it.

Keep Negative Pressure Inside Your Tent

If you want to control smells creating negative internal pressure inside the tent will help. This means air is drawn from outside the grow space and pushed into it, rather than the other way around. Of course, air will be pushed out of the tent somehow but this is a good technique because it keeps most scents trapped in your tent fabric. Also be sure to control temperature and humidity, which will help control odor in a grow room.

Using Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are a machine that destroys odor molecules, rather than covering them up like an aerosol would do. They do this by combining Ozone with oxygen atoms (O3). It is the oxygen we are breathing every day, plus an extra oxygen atom. Usually, oxygen atoms are bonded in pairs, so the extra oxygen atom in O3 can break off and bind to organic molecules at any time, which is not stable. When it binds with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the smell can be oxidized and eliminated.

That said, Ozone generators are not a healthy thing to have around—don’t hang out in a room with an Ozone generator for too long. Some people are sensitive and need extra protection like children, the elderly, and people with asthma so make sure to switch off an Ozone generator when someone is going to be in the same space. Entering and exiting the room won’t hurt you but please don’t spend time in the same room.

Using Odor Neutralizers (Blocks/Sprays)

Odor neutralizers can only be used for the space outside a grow room They’re super effective and can influence the final smell of your harvested products, so be careful. They work in several ways: when VOC molecules are released from your plants they can be attracted to, enter, and connect with the neutralizer’s active ingredients, or can be absorbed and held on the cover of the neutralizer’s molecules.

Also, they can bond by chemical reaction to the neutralizer’s ingredients and will be canceled out or destroyed permanently.

Blocks can be put inside your extra line ducting so they neutralize the air being extracted through the tube.

Sprays are better for eliminating the odors clinging to your clothes after you left the grow room—but we don’t recommend spraying anything in your tent because it will bind to your plants.

Controlling Heat and Humidity in Flowering Stage

During the flowering stage, your cannabis plants are at the highest point of the worst smell. This is because ripening buds produce terpenes and oils. An increase in heat and humidity in your grow room will emphasize these smells even more so you should keep your humidity level at a lower level to avoid rot, fungus, and mold in your plants and this can also help reduce smell. Making good use of air circulation by using fans will prevent hot, humid spots in the grow room and this will lower smells overall.

To Sum up

When you grow indoors, some unwanted smell is inevitable. Using the methods above to control odor in a grow room can help you keep your room smelling fresh. Using these methods also helps keep tents clean and also helps removes potential pathogens. If you just plan to grow only one or two plants, you probably won’t be worrying about these too much. But for a larger grow you need to make sure you’re not leaking any smells that might catch people’s attention. What do you think? Is this useful?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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