VIVOSUN App: Automatic Growth, Wherever You Are


VIVOSUN APPWhy do you need VIVOSUN App? Whether you are at home or traveling across the world, you want to be able to check on the health of your plants and the status of your grow tent—is the temperature in the right range, are the lights set at the right level, or maybe I cannot go on vacation next week because I need to shift my grow from Veg to Flowering? What solutions do we have if we’re out of town?

Of course, we can phone a friend but sometimes even that isn’t feasible. This is the modern age—we want to know everything about our plants and to have that data at our fingertips, and to be able to use that data to make even better decisions when we’re growing.

Enter the VIVOSUN App, VIVOSUN’s mobile application that controls the VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller. The App does everything the controller does and more, read along to learn about all the features of the App and how it will improve your grow.


The VIVOSUN Controller is WiFi-enabled. That means your App is always in sync with your Controller—it’s not Bluetooth, so you don’t need to be nearby. In fact, you can be anywhere in the world and can track the information your Controller is collecting and you can make any change you want through the App. This is one of the reasons the VIVOSUN App is so powerful: no longer do you have to be within 20 feet of your controller to know whether there is a problem in your tent.

Manual and Automatic Control

Because the App synchs with your controller, the App is able to set automatic operational parameters for all of your equipment: your grow light, your circulatory fan, and your ventilation equipment. These devices can also be controlled manually through the App.

Automatic control in the app is called a “Grow Recipe.” Grow Recipes are simple programming that allows you to define all of the operational parameters of a single device: for example, you are able to control the photoperiod of your LED grow light, and you can also control the spectrum range (by either seedling, vegetative, or flowering, all designed by professional growers) and light intensity.

The Grow Recipes also allow you to control ventilation and circulation and give you the ability to set similar parameters so you can overlap or separate the operation of fans and lights as you think is necessary. Or, if you want a simple yet powerful option, you can use preprogrammed Grow Recipes designed by us, a team of professional growers with decades of growing and lighting experience, that will take you from seed to harvest, allowing you to set it and forget it. The only thing you’ll need to do is water!

Manual control is similar to automatic control in that you can set the cycle schedule, the speeds and intensity, and even the spectrum. Manual control gives growers who have more experience more control over how their equipment operates so they can define parameters that make the most sense for their experience and their way of growing that may be unique to them. Manual settings are easy to use and are done through intuitive sliders and input boxes.

We also plan to release programming for other devices that provide water flow for hydroponics, but that will be a future update.


Monitoring and Automatic Response

The GrowHub Controller monitors temperature and humidity inside and outside your grow space through two environmental probes, one built into the Controller and the other attached to a wire that can be placed in the optimal location for measurements.

This helps ensure that GrowHub is monitoring the correct information, so you can make better decisions when creating Grow Recipes. These probes are the first line of defense for your plants—if there is a change in humidity or temperature outside your preset range, the GrowHub will alert you through the App so you can react before there is a problem.

The GrowHub Controller also connects to your LED and ventilation systems and monitors their activity including on and off schedules, light intensity, spectrum range, and fan speed, which is also presented through the App as your Grow Diary. Your Grow Diary can then be used to determine the perfect environmental parameters for your tent.

Your Grow Diary is comprised of data you determine is important. VIVOSUN does not have limits on cloud data storage so you’ll never need to worry about paying for extra storage space or deleting data. The data log is presented in graphs and simple-to-read charts that let you know how the environment has changed, and what the average temperatures are, and will help you decide what alterations you need to make to have the best grow of your life.


Collecting and presenting data would not be complete without a way to ensure your data can be used and can be used automatically. The VIVOSUN App has options to set limits on temperature and humidity ranges, and VPD ranges—the alarm sends a notification directly to your phone, which means your space is always watched by the GrowHub and you will know immediately if your environment exceeds the parameters you set.

Alarms round out a series of powerful tools that ensure your tent is always covered, whether it is through automatic settings or it is through alerts you define.

Grow Diary

The Grow Diary is one of our favorite features. The Diary is a combination of a To-Do list and a data collection program that logs data from your grow and also allows you to input various measurements that will help you keep track of your plant (such as its height) and know how the environment is affecting plant growth.

This is crucial—it moves data away from a notebook that can be inaccurate or incomplete and puts it all on a single App, so you always have access to the data and can compare plant growth with equipment performance, something that can be difficult to track with a pen and paper.

The Grow Diary also has a calendar for growers to write down various activities like when they need to add nutrients or water. Have you ever stood over your watering cans and thought to yourself, “Did I feed my plant’s last water or did I miss it?” Never again will you have to worry about that since you’ll be able to track all the past diary entries that you have made!

And because you can track your equipment performance you open yourself up to a world of data that is guaranteed to help you make more informed decisions the next time you start a new grow. That is what we love about the Grow Diary!

There will be more features in our app in the future, so stay tuned!

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