How Long Should Grow Lights Be on for Houseplants?


How Long should Grow Lights be on

We have a lot of people these days who love growing their food. Growing our food can bring us healthy. People who do not have the condition to grow outside usually would like to try indoor growing. Using a grow light is necessary for houseplants to grow inside, you can grow a garden just as well outside.

So how long should grow lights be on for houseplants? This is an important question we have to think about before growing.

During the growing period, there are a few factors that can be the answer to how long should grow lights be on for houseplants. For most of the plants, 12-18 hours a day of illumination is enough for them. However, for different plants, the demands for light vary greatly. Spinach does not need as much light as flowering plants.

Many factors would also affect the plant’s growth, such as light intensity, light quality, and distance from light to plants, no matter what we decide to grow. The age of the plant is also one of the factors you have to consider, usually, the seedling stage needs a lot more light than the fully-grown stage. We have to analyze each type of plant first, to adjust the lights during the grow.

During Seedling Stage, How Long Should Grow Lights Be On?

Do we have to ask ourselves how many hours of light do seedlings need? Although different types of plants might be different, in general, most seedlings require 14-18 hours of light illumination for growth. It is different from starting seeds, to germinating, most of the seeds do not need light. But plants like Begonia, Primula, and Coleus, need light to germinate their seeds.

That is to say, the growth of seedlings is around 16 hours, on the other hand, seedlings generally require 16 hours of light for proper growth. If they do not receive enough light, the plants will not be healthy, the leaves of the plant might turn yellow or pale, and grow not as big as they should be.

3 Factors can Affect the Grow Light Schedule

3 factors will greatly vary the light requirements for plants, the plant is the intensity of the light, the color of the light, and the light distance.

The intensity of the light There are low, medium, and high-intensity grow lights. Some of the plants need high intensity anyway. Some of the plants can’t bear that much light, they need a darker place. So you have to consider what the plants need.
Color of the light What color of your grow light is important for plants. White grow lights are suitable for most plants, so you don’t have to buy a new light if you have one. In the seedling stage, you have to use a blue or mixed light to help the seed grow.

When your plant gets larger, you can switch to a red light. To prevent the plant from getting tall, red light is the best choice. They can also help plants produce flowers.

Light Distance It is important to adjust your grow light position. On the seedling stage, you need the light to be about four to six inches away from plants. Move the light up when plants get taller, otherwise, the plant will be burned by the lights.

Lettuce, herbs, and flowering house plants need about 6 to 12 inches between them and grow light.

Foliage houseplants need 12 to 24 inches of distance.


How Long Should Grow Lights Be On for Older Plants?

How Long should Grow Lights be on for Houseplants

After the plants reach the final stage of grow, and get to their full size, we do not need to use the grow light that much. Even though they’ve already stopped growing, you shouldn’t ditch the grow light completely. A fully-grown plant would still need about 12 to 14 hours of light per day. If you put your plants near the window, you may lower the time of using lights a little bit.

Final Thoughts about How Long Should Grow Lights Be on for Houseplants

We hope our guide “How long should grow lights be on for houseplants” can be useful for your growing life. It is not only an enjoyable hobby but also a fine lifestyle. Enjoy your indoor growing and good luck! The light type might be changed and updated in the future, but the necessity for light remains for the whole year. I hope we could all be the grow expert.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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