Helpful! How to set up a grow tent?


Did you just receive your new grow tent but have no idea how to set up a grow tent? Then you are at the right place! We wanted to put together a detailed article teaching how to set one up. Hopefully this will be the last guide you’ll ever need for building one of our grow tents.

How Do I Set Up A Grow Tent

Why do you need to set up a grow tent?

Grow tents are a great substitute for growing outdoors since you’ll have a controlled space to simulate the perfect environment for your plants. Here are some benefits to using a grow tent:

  • Grow tents allow you to control light, humidity, diurnal cycles, temperatures, and pests, and to be able to monitor everything carefully so you can calibrate as needed. This way, you’ll be able to grow year-round at super high efficiency.
  • Outdoor growing is great, but finding the best spot beneath the sun and sustaining your plants through the winter can be a major challenge.
  • Grow tents are hyper-local! You’ll be able to sustainably grow any kind of plant or vegetable without adding the extra plastic and international shipping like when you purchase from the grocery store.
  • All in all, compared with growing outside, growing indoors has a number of advantages to growing outside, especially if you live in an apartment or do not have access to a yard. Indoor growing is rewarding and a lot of fun!

Sizes of grow tents-How to set up a grow tent

VIVOSUN grow tents are divided into multiple types: small standard, medium standard, large standard, 2-in-1 grow tent, roof grow tent, and the grey grow tent. VIVOSUN has different sizes of grow tents, meeting most of the needs of growers.

sizes of grow tents

Once you have decided which grow tent works for your space, you’ll need to find the right grow light, inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting, while fine-tuning plant growth cycles and stages of growth. For quick reference, our most popular grow tent is the VIVOSUN 4×4 grow tent, which grows 4-6 plants comfortably—this is probably your target, as most states only legally allow a home grower to grow within this limit. This size tent is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere, even in your bedroom if you like a little nighttime white noise.

Usually, most growers opt for an LED light system, a fan, and a filter with their 4×4 grow tent. However, if you are just starting off and don’t have a lot of space for growing, a 2×2 grow tent is another great choice: Depending on their size, you’ll be able to grow between 2-4 plants. Our VIVOSUN 2×2 grow tent is also usually used as a mother tent, which allows you to keep your plants in Veg for extended periods while more mature plants are flowering.

If you are thinking of a bigger grow tent, take a look at the 5×5 grow tent. Compared with a 4×4 grow tent, you can grow 9-12 plants.  More experienced growers might want to opt for the 5×5 grow tent, which has enough space for specialized equipment, hydroponics equipment, and is large enough to spend a bit of time in. Finally, we also offer a 10×10 grow tent that can hold around 24-32 plants and is for advanced growers who have more experience in the field, so to speak.

Unboxing your grow tent-How to set up a grow tent

For the rest of this post, we’re going to take the VIVOSUN 4×4 grow tent as the example. When first opening the package, you should have 19 individual frame pieces, 1 canvas tent, 1 floor tray, 2 filter straps, and 8 corner supports. If you’re missing any pieces please contact us right away and we’ll help you find a solution.

How to Set up Grow Tent

How to set up a grow tent?

At first glance, it might seem difficult to put together since there are so many pieces, but I promise it’s not as difficult as it looks. If you want a visual guide, please check out our VIVOSUN Grow Tent setup and installation video for a quick and easy reference.

Step 1: Connect the corner pieces to the A poles and form the base of the tent

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 2: Attach the B poles to the corner pieces

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 3: Connect the C poles to the B poles and you’ll have made the sides of the tent

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 4: Next, add the corner pieces to the top of the C poles

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 5: Now, add the A poles to those top corner pieces and connect each corner piece together with those A poles to form the top frame. Now you’ve put together the skeleton

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 6: Next, lay out the tent so that the bottom of the tent is flat. Place the tent skeleton inside of that bottom piece. It will be snug, so try fitting the corners in first and then pull the rest of the canvas around the other sides

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 7: Lift the canvas up and pull it over the top of the skeleton frame

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 8: You’ll need to connect the E pole and F poles to the A poles in order to strengthen the tent support. Check out the picture and you’ll see that the E pole and F poles are crossed. The E Pole is a light bar and the F poles are the heavy bars. These poles can be used to hang heavy equipment such as an LED light and the fan

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 9: Put the floor tray into the tent. This will help catch any dirt or water that spills

How to Set up Grow Tent

Step 10: Zip up the door, and you’re finished! We’ve added a couple of extra features like a viewing window, a door, and a couple of ventilation ports and ducting ports to make the whole installation and operation a lot more convenient.

How to Set up Grow Tent

That’s it! Your grow tent setup is done. The whole process usually takes us between 10 and 20 minutes. Keep in mind, learning how to set up a grow tent is just the first step in the process of becoming an indoor gardener. Next, you’ll have to install your lighting and ventilation and any other equipment you might need.

Come check back on our growing guide for more information on installing lights and ventilation, we’ll be here waiting for you!

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  1. I got my tent second hand from a friend and these instructions were really helpful. But I think I am missing a C pole. Do you sell replacement poles for a 4×4 tent?

    • Hi Lynn, I can write out a short guide here!
      Basically, what you’ll be doing is the set up but in reverse order. First, remove all your equipment from the tent so it is empty. Next, unzip all the doors. Then you’ll want to pull one top corner of the tent upwards and off the frame and try to remove the canvas entirely. Once you have the frame separated, break it down by pressing in the various buttons and wrap up the various poles and corner pieces – try to label them if you can and tie them together so you don’t lose anything. For the canvas, you’ll want to fold it up into thirds, making sure the bottom and top are tucked into the tent as you fold it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Once you have it folded into thirds, try folding it in half width-wise and then fold it up more as best you can. There isn’t a great way to do this, unfortunately, but we’ll try to put a guide together!
      Good luck!

  2. My support corner just snap come to find out it was plastic. Now I can’t put my fuxin tent up because of this plastic piece just snap. How can I order another plastic corner because I need to do something with this 6foot 5 inch mess


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