Top 10 Reasons to Choose VIVOSUN Smart Grow System


What makes the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System so special? Is it the 2022 Red Dot award-winning AeroLight? Is it the all-in-one GrowHub Controller that synthesizes your equipment onto one easy-to-use platform? Is it that you can take your grow space anywhere with the VIVOSUN App so you can monitor and make changes from anywhere in the world? Well, yes, that and more!

Here are ten reasons why the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System will change the way you grow.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

1. The GrowHub Controller and App synthesize all your equipment on one platform – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

The GrowHub Controller and App unify the most important environmental control equipment in your grow space: LED lighting, inline duct fan ventilation, and air circulation. Whether you’re growing with the new AeroLight and AeroZesh or you are using another VIVOSUN LED grow light system, you can program on/off times, light intensity, and spectral range through the GrowHub Controller and App.

And through the Smart Grow System, you are able to synthesize all your equipment—lights, ventilation, and soon oscillating fans—so they work in unison and you can rest easy not having to worry about checking on your equipment every few hours. You can even monitor and change your environment while you are traveling.

2. The AeroLight’s fan is in the best position to provide air circulation and decrease the risk of mold

Have you ever noticed how mold and mildew collect beneath the plant’s canopy? This is because there is poor air circulation, so humidity collects in this area and you’ll also notice minor differences in temperature and CO2 levels. The problem is that the light has to be in the perfect place for a circulation fan. This is what makes the AeroLight such a positive step for growers: with a fan directing air into the canopy, you reduce the chance of temperature and humidity imbalance in the tent thereby reducing the risk of mold, mildew, and other pests.

In addition, better airflow can reduce CO2 sedimentation, meaning you can refresh CO2, which helps encourage healthy plant growth. The system is so revolutionary that VIVOSUN was awarded the Red Dot Design award in 2022.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

3. Automate growing and set it and forget it, or create your own unique Grow Recipes – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

The most revolutionary feature of the GrowHub Controller and App is the ability to automate an entire grow cycle. Designed by professional growers with decades of experience, VIVOSUN’s preprogrammed Grow Recipes will take any plant from seedling to flowering beauty.

The GrowHub automatically controls your photoperiod, and light intensity, and matches spectrum range to the stage of growth, your airflow, and your ventilation. It comes with environmental probe monitors that help track changes in temperature and humidity so you can adjust your equipment to turn your environment into the perfect growing space. Even easier, your GrowHub will automatically activate environmental controls if temperature or humidity reaches beyond your predetermined range.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

4. Get environmental alerts and keep your plants safe – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

Your GrowHub is constantly measuring changes in the environment. As you go through your grow, all the data about your grow space is collected and presented in an easy-to-read format in the VIVOSUN App making tracking performance much easier and more accurate. But sometimes our environment can have unforeseen changes: maybe the air conditioner breaks down and the temperature starts to rise.

As the GrowHub monitors the rising temperature it alerts you through your phone to abnormal changes, changes outside of your preset range, and automatically turns on your environmental controls (fans, lights, or whatever you have determined to be the response) to help control the situation. You’ll never be surprised again by sudden environmental changes.


5. Upgraded ventilation with the AeroZesh for a quieter grow space – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

The AeroZesh helps growers maintain a balanced environment that is synched with the entire grow system. The AeroZesh is a PWM-controlled EC fan that utilizes a mixed flow design to create high static pressure, improving performance and increasing air volume while reducing noise. The AeroZesh also pairs with the GrowHub so you can automate and monitor your ventilation and make minor adjustments that fit your growing style. With the data collected by GrowHub, you can make better decisions about fan speed and on/off times to control the environment for better yields.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

6. Give your plants a better spectrum with the AeroLight – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

The AeroLight comes with white Samsung 301B Diodes that are evenly spaced across the LED board, ensuring maximum coverage for a 2×2-foot space. We have also included extremely efficient diodes that attain deep spectral ranges:

  • 390nm (UVA) for better quality harvests
  • 450nm (blue) for seedling and vegetative growth
  • 650nm (red) for flowering
  • 730nm (far-red) for deeper canopy penetration and better flowering
  • 3000K for seedling growth
  • 5000k for improved flower growth

A wider light spectrum with deeper emphasis on blue, red, and far-red light translates to healthier plants that produce more Chlorophyll A and B, and develop more vibrant flowers faster.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

7. Expand your grow space easier – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

The VIVOSUN AeroLight is an expandable system. Each 100W AeroLight is designed for a 2×2-foot space but can be daisy-chained with other AeroLight systems and mounted together with our H-Bracket (patent pending) for a stable system. When AeroLights are connected together a single GrowHub Controller can control the entire system so you do not need multiple controllers nor do you need to struggle to synch your lighting. And because each grow light system has an integrated circulation fan you’ll be providing some of the best air circulation imaginable.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

8. The GrowHub makes installation easy and convenient – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

The GrowHub Controller comes with a magnetic mounting bracket that allows the GrowHub to be installed anywhere on your tent walls so you can find the perfect position and height for a quick, easy reference. To make the GrowHub Controller easy to use when it is mounted on tent fabric, we designed the button interface with capacitive buttons that react to body heat so just a gentle press is enough to make changes.

This way, the GrowHub Controller does not interfere with your tent and you do not need any ugly mounting brackets to hold it in place. As well, the LED screen can be programmed to stay on and the display is bright enough to make quick references across the room. That all is patent pending.


9. Mimic and recreate natural conditions – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

You can design your own environmental conditions with the VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller and App. These can be anything from sunrise to sunset to natural light breezes that a plant would experience in summer. Gentle stimulation is shown to encourage plants to develop auxin, which stimulates the growth of structural cells and makes plants more resilient and better able to withstand pests.

Numerous varieties of plants also match their behavior to daylight, even opening leaves as the sun rises. It is surprising to think about, but plants have some degree of awareness of their environment. But that is not where the GrowHub stops: the system can be used to mimic any number of environmental phenomena—it is all up to your imagination.


10. Make the complex science of growing simple and fun – VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

We wanted the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System to make growing easier and more fun for everyone, regardless of experience level. That means including incredible features like automated grow cycles, environmental monitoring, automatic responses to environmental changes, and being able to give the most detailed, useful feedback out there.

The GrowHub Controller and App are perfect for a grower, regardless if they are a beginner or an expert. Beginners will find the Controller and App able to automate every part of a grow while they experiment with minute changes to create a more suitable environment. Experts can use all the data collected to make better decisions for their grow space so their plants always have the perfect living space.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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