Grow Room Glasses are Necessary for Your Indoor Grow


If you’re planning to grow in a grow tent or an indoor grow space and you plan to use a grow light, you’re going to be exposing yourself to an amount of light that actually can be harmful to your eyes. For indoor growing, we use LED grow lights to provide the plants need to perform photosynthesis but the wattage and power of the light can be like staring at the sun.

Wearing a pair of grow room glasses is necessary when you’re working in a grow tent. We really want to stress that you should be taking care of your eyes when you’re working or checking on your plants because, over time, the light is going to be pretty harmful. We want to break down how to grow lights that can affect your eyes.

Effect on eyes – Grow Room Glasses is Necessary

The human eye can only see a small amount of light between infrared light and ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic spectrum. Ultraviolet light is dangerous to the eyes and even some light on the visible spectrum (blue light) can also be damaging. There are UVA, B, and C in sunlight, and among these three, C is the most harmful one, and C would be close to what we can see with our naked eye. Most grow lights contain all UVA, B, and C lights. This kind of light is necessary for plants but too much can hurt the eye.

grow room glasses is necessary

Blue light specifically affects our ability to sleep well while making us feel fatigued. It will suppress our bodies’ melatonin secretion and changes the circadian rhythm of our sleep. Human vision will also be affected by blue light because our corneas are unable to block it, so eventually it will reach the retina.

If you’re too exposed to blue light you’ll get headaches and your eyesight will deteriorate, and eventually in a worst-case scenario, you could go blind. This is why a lot of people who work with computers use blue light glasses, and why you should wear glasses while working in your tent.

Most UVC light is blocked by the atmosphere so for the most part we don’t have to worry about it when outside. For a grow light, most of the light emitted is UVA and UVB but these can still damage the retina. Like UVC, UVA  light also reaches the retina because the cornea has a poor filtration ability—unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about this issue when building a grow light because the very process of creating light also creates ultraviolet light.

UVB light on the other hand is filtered by the cornea for the most part but it still has an impact on the surface of your eye. Both UVA and UVB can induce cataracts and inflammation in humans, although this does take some time. The type of corneal inflammation with eye growths is known as pterygia and pingueculae, eventually informing Photokeratitis. This can lead to temporary blindness and might even require surgery.

Alright, we’ve made our case for why you should always wear glasses when working in your tent and with bright lights. Even if your grow light is small and the wattage is low, you’re still better off wearing green glasses to protect your eye. Grow room glasses are a lot better than regular sunglasses for grow lights because they specifically are able to filter out a lot of these harmful UV rays and reduce the impact of the brightness on your retina.

Green glasses are also pretty cool because they make everything in the tent appear in their natural coloration, so it will be a lot easier to work with those glasses than it would if you were wearing regular sunglasses. This way, you’ll be able to check for changes in your plant’s health a lot more easily.

grow room glasses is necessary

One thing to note is that grow light glasses cover UVA and UVB, but with some all-white diodes, the coloration may not be covered and so you’ll need another, specialized pair of glasses that are designed for these specific diodes.

You’ll also want to consider that the glasses should wrap all the way around your head and have enough shielding that you’re not seeing the light out of the side of your eye because that defeats the purpose. Hopefully, as well, you don’t want glasses that are too heavy or uncomfortable, so choosing the right to grow room glasses is necessary.

Sum up – Grow Room Glasses are Necessary

We all have one pair of eyes throughout our whole life, so cherish the ones you have. If you’re going to work in a grow room, wearing a pair of eyeglasses in the grow room glasses is necessary—protect yourself! They’ll prevent the harmful light that comes from the high wattage required to grow plants and you’ll still be able to see your plants clearly.

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