Ultimate Germination Guide: From Seeds to Sprouts

Germination is the magical process through which a seed transforms into a young plant. It marks the beginning of life for every plant species, whether it's a towering oak or a delicate wildflower. Understanding...
Start Feeding

When Should I Start Feeding?

Fertilizer can be harmful for seedlings yet nutrition is still very necessary so how do you know when to start feeding and how do you feed a seedling so you don’t hurt it? The...
improve cannabis germination rates

How to Improve Cannabis Germination Rates (focus on 8 steps)

When we first started to grow cannabis, we often start from seeds. If the seeds we bought don’t sprout, we might lose a bit of money but it can also be demoralizing. However, there...
How long does Germination Take

How Long Does Germination Take?

Germination is the first step on the magical journey of growing. I’ll be honest here, I’ve lost my patience because my plants just weren’t germinating—I didn’t know if I had done some wrong or...

Germination and Cloning with VIVOSUN Heat Mat

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