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Grow tents, grow lights, Led lights…All growing equipment may have various problems at any time, so timely repairs and routine maintenance become very important. Here’re all ideas of how to maintenance and repair for you! Save and learn more now!

Love Your Grow Tent: Maintenance and Repair

So you have a grow tent and now you want to make sure it's in good shape to last as long as possible. Hopefully,...

How to Grind Weed without a Grinder

Your cannabis buds are already dry and cured, but you can't yet put them directly into a rolling paper or blunt wrap—if you do...

How to Clean a Grow Room?

A clean environment is good for you and your plants—it makes them healthier overall, and it makes your life easier. So are there any...
How to Clean Fabric Grow Bags

How to Clean Your Fabric Grow Bags?

Over the past few years, fabric grow pots have become popular among most gardeners: they’re super easy to clean after a season or two,...

Grow Room Glasses are Necessary for Your Indoor Grow

If you’re planning to grow in a grow tent or an indoor grow space and you plan to use a grow light, you’re going to...