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Grow Lights are so important during indoor growing. Here you can learn all about grow lights. Explore more now!

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How Many Grow Lights Do You Need?

Before purchasing grow lights, it's crucial to choose the right size and quantity for your garden to save time, energy, and money. Start by...

How Far Away Should My Grow Lights Be?

A question we hear often is, “How far away should lights be?” It is a tricky question that can lead to hours of research...
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Cannabis Light Burn and Light Stress

Providing plants with adequate light is what we always strive for when growing, but too much of anything is bad and if you give...
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How to Fix Cannabis Heat Stress?

In the process of growing cannabis, we often experience cannabis heat stress. Cannabis can only withstand a certain amount of heat and light and...

Pros and Cons of Using Fabric Grow Bags

As we all know, choosing a good grow bag is one of the most important steps for a gardener. There is no single, ideal growing container...