Five 420 VIVOSUN Gift Ideas


420 Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year! For us, it feels like Christmas, except we’re celebrating new beginnings: new flowers, new harvests, and new friendships—what better way to connect with your fellow growers than to share a couple of our favorite gifts! We’ve made a little 420 gift guide\420 Gift Ideas 2023 for you if you’re looking for some ideas. Maybe you’ll find something for someone special! Here we go!

Five 420 VIVOSUN Gift Ideas 2023

vivosun 420 gift guide

16” Bud Trimmer

Who out there spends way too much time trimming buds and then trying to change the music on your phone, turning it into a frosty mess? We got tired of spending hours sitting in front of the TV clipping away so we introduced the 16” Bud Trimmer to help out. The trimmer comes with two blades, a straight blade for wet trimming and a serrated blade for dry trimming, so your friends can still trim in their style. We recommend using the trimmer with denser buds since lighter buds can fall through the grating. Definitely a must-have! Five 420 VIVOSUN Gift Ideas 2023

vivosun 420 gift guide

Grow Room Glasses

Hey, amigo! Stop going into your grow tent with your eyes unprotected! You’re going to get eye damage over time and you’re not even able to see your plants clearly! Wear these glasses, they filter out harsh light that damages your retinas and allow you to examine what’s actually going on with your plants! You’ll thank me in 20 years, I promise! Five 420 VIVOSUN Gift Ideas 2023

vivosun 420 gift guide

Zinc Alloy “Herb” Grinder

An “herb” (you know, for your kitchen) grinder is a great gift for mom. It’s like a mortar and pestle but compact, and magnetic, with separate chambers for finer herbs and coarser herbs, and is easy to carry so you’ll always have your chili pepper ground and ready to sprinkle on any pizza you might run into. Plus, there are a dozen color and design options to choose from, from this sleek black design to something less subtle—there’s something for everyone. Five 420 VIVOSUN Gift Ideas 2023

vivosun 420 gift guide

Silencer for Inline Ducting

Is this a bit on the nose? It reminds me of that comic where Garfield offers John a giant mint for his bad breath. But we all know someone who has a super loud grow space, like a truck rumbling in the garage, you have to shout to talk to one another even when in the next room. Offer them this, it’s the same principle as covering your walls with soundproofing foam except it can be added directly into your ducting so the soundwaves that are bouncing around through the ventilation can be interrupted by these soft foam cones inside the silencer. Five 420 VIVOSUN Gift Ideas 2023

vivosun 420 gift guide

Jeweler’s Loupe

Jeweler’s loupes are fun, they’re basically pocket-sized magnifying glasses with small LED lights built in that can help you check your plants, whether for white powdery mildew or trichomes, getting up-close and personal with your plants will help you understand them better, and knowledge is power! Five 420 VIVOSUN Gift Ideas 2023

As always if you have any questions you can message our Instagram or Facebook and we’ll be glad to help you out! We’re happy you’re on this journey and we want to help in any way we can.

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