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The VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller is a powerful all-in-one control system that connects all your growing equipment to a single platform and adds functions like environmental stabilization, climate control personalization, professionally designed automatic grow modes, environmental monitoring, and cross-platform compatibility.


VIVOSUN AeroZesh: Fully Controllable Ventilation

VIVOSUN is happy to announce the release of the VIVOSUN AeroZesh, our new ventilation fan system designed with usability, power, and efficiency in mind....
Smart Growing in the Modern Age

VIVOSUN App: Automatic Growth, Wherever You Are

Why do you need VIVOSUN App? Whether you are at home or traveling across the world, you want to be able to check on...
VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller

VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller – Discover How the GrowHub Will Change the Way You Grow

VIVOSUN is proud to announce the arrival of the GrowHub Controller and App, the new digital control hub for the VIVOSUN Smart System. The VIVOSUN...

NEW! VIVOSUN AeroLight – the Revolutionary Way to Grow Indoors

VIVOSUN is proud to announce the all-new AeroLight, the first-ever LED grow light system with a fully integrated circulatory fan (patent pending), as a...
VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

Top 10 Reasons to Choose VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

What makes the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System so special? Is it the 2022 Red Dot award-winning AeroLight? Is it the all-in-one GrowHub Controller that synthesizes...