All You Need to Know! VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs


VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs

VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller and VIVOSUN App

Q: How many components can I hook up to one controller?

For one GrowHub Controller (E42), you can hook up 100W AeroLights (with RJ45 Daisy-Chain) and 100w VS series lights (with RJ11 Daisy-Chain), 2 duct fans (AeroZesh or others with Type-C), and 9 Thermo-hygrometer.

Q: How does the controller get power? VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs 2023

The VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller receives its power from an AeroLight and/or an AeroZesh through the control cable (RJ45 or type-C). No additional power cable is needed. However, if you connect a GrowHub Controller to a VS series light (VS1000, VS2000, VS4000, etc.) or other compatible lights or duct fans without an AeroLight or an AeroZesh as well, an adaptor (coming soon) is needed to power the GrowHub Controller.

Q: In case of a power outage, will the controller lose all of its memory or will it save all my settings?

The VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller saves settings both locally and on the cloud in real-time. If your GrowHub Controller was connected to Wi-Fi and the VIVOSUN App before the power outage it will automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi and continue executing your settings as if it had never lost power. If your GrowHub was not connected to Wi-Fi and the VIVOSUN app before the power outage, the time on the controller will need to be calibrated first, and the controller will run the previous settings automatically. Please see details about how to calibrate time in the GrowHub manual.

Q: Can I read the data graph on the app? Is there a limit to how much data is stored / viewable on the app?

Once you connect the VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller, switch to the temperature and humidity page where you can read the data graph of temperature and humidity inside and outside the grow space at different timelines (either by hour, day, week, or month). The VIVOSUN app can display historical data for up to one year.VIVOSUN APP

Q: Will the app alert me if there is an issue? VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs 2023

Yes. The VIVOSUN App will send automatic notifications to your phone when devices have issues or environmental conditions are out of preset ranges.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs


Q: How many Watts will this light and fan draw when running at 100%?

While running at 100%, the VSA-100 AeroLight consumes 100W for the light and 4W for the fan. A higher-power series of AeroLight will be released soon.

Q: Can the VIVOSUN AeroLight be “daisy-chained” for power and controller?

The VIVOSUN AeroLight can be daisy-chained with up to 12 lights per one GrowHub Controller, but each device needs to be plugged into its own AC power supply separately.

Q: What is the advantage of the VIVOSUN AeroLight with an integrated fan as compared to other grow lights without fans?

One of the creative designs of the AeroLight is a circulation fan integrated into the center of the grow light. This improves cool air circulation through the canopy, in turn providing greater CO2 circulation.

Q: Is the fan blowing hot air on my plants? VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs 2023

No. The built-in circulation fan is designed to isolate airflow from the heatsink, light panel, and any other high-temperature components (see the thermal image below). In lab tests, a plant’s canopy temperature is not higher with the circulation fan running than without the circulation fan running.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs

Q: Does the VIVOSUN AeroLight have a spectrum tuning function?

Yes. The VIVOSUN AeroLight has 3 different spectrum modes for different growth stages: Seedling, Vegetative, and Flowering. You can change the spectrum with the GrowHub Controller or the VIVOSUN App.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs

Q: Does the light have a sunrise and sunset mode? FAQs 2023

Yes. You can turn on the AeroLight’s sunrise/sunset mode through the VIVOSUN app and the light will slowly turn on from 0% to 100% (or preset dimming levels) at the beginning of each lighting cycle and slowly turn off at the end of each lighting cycle.

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Q: How much Wattage does the VIVOSUN AeroZesh use at 100%? FAQs 2023

The AeroZesh comes in 3 different sizes, and each uses a different amount of power:

AZS4 (4’’): 20W

AZS6 (6’’): 35W

AZS8 (8’’): 70W

Q: Can I take the housing apart to clean the inside of the fan? FAQs 2023

Yes. Regular cleaning is recommended for the VIVOSUN AeroZesh. Please read the maintenance and safety information carefully in the manual before you begin cleaning.

Q: Is this for intake or exhaust or both? VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs 2023

The VIVOSUN AeroZesh duct fan can either be used as an exhaust fan or an intake fan. Intake and exhaust have different setup positions for optimal ventilation. Please read the installation instructions in the manual for more information.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs

Q: Does the VIVOSUN AeroZesh work with carbon filters? VIVOSUN Smart Grow System FAQs 2023

Yes. The AeroZesh is designed to be compatible with standard carbon filters of different sizes.

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