When Should I Start Feeding?


Fertilizer can be harmful for seedlings yet nutrition is still very necessary so how do you know when to start feeding and how do you feed a seedling so you don’t hurt it? The answer isn’t so complicated.

When Should I Start Feeding

When seeds begin to germinate they have enough energy stored that they are able to germinate and grow on their own. Once they sprout, they will still have enough energy stored, so don’t worry about feeding them right away. Instead, wait for your plants to develop about 3-4 true leaves before you start feeding. If you’re growing in soil cannabis plants take about 3-4 weeks to develop those true leaves. During this time the plant’s smaller, first “seed leaves” will likely begin to yellow and fall off. This is also a good opportunity to transplant your plant to a bigger home.

Start Feeding

Now that your seedlings are transplanted and your plants have their first set of true leaves it’s time to feed. We recommend that you feed your plant a lot less nutrients than you would if they were fully grown—they just cannot handle too much so be nice to them!

The size of your plant pot will determine how much nutrient-water mixture you should be giving them, but we recommend you feed your plant about 1.25mL of nutrients for every 1L of water (about ¼ teaspoon of nutrients).

So there you go! If you’re growing in soil, start feeding your plants about 3-4 weeks after germination, once 3-4 true leaves have appeared. Happy growing!

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