VIVOSUN 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH/CDM Grow Light Kit
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About this item

  • VIVOSUN 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH/CDM Grow Light Kit
  • Professional Results Made Easy: These CMH kits run significantly cooler compared to conventional lighting setups and do not need to be cooled with ducting and fan; extra efficient with energy not lost to heat
  • High-tech Ballast: Cutting-edge adjustable ballast features advanced low-frequency Square-Wave technology for high efficiency, reliability, and no electromagnetic interference. 8' power cord with 3-pronged plug, compatible with standard North American outlets (with 120V to 240V adapter included)
  • Ultra-high Reflectivity Rating: Sturdy reflective hood is made of Italian VEGA aluminum rated at 98% reflectivity; the contour design and texturing eliminates hot spots and dead zones
  • Grow Light Coverage: VIVOSUN recommends the use of this unit to cover an area of approximately 9 square feet during vegetative growth and approx. 6 square feet during the bloom phase. US Patented Carabiner Clip: easy & quick auto. locking, loose-proof design to ensure safety
  • Intense, Full Spectrum Light: Delivering 92 CRI, 33,000 initial Lumens (105 Lm/W), and 1.95 PPF (photosynthetic photon flux), this lamp nourishes your plants with full-spectrum light and stimulates resin production with UV far-red spectra. PGZ18 lamp socket; 3-year warranty

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