VIVOSUN 25 Gallon Grow Bags 5-Pack Brown Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles
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About this item

  • VIVOSUN 25 Gallon Grow Bags 5-Pack Brown Thickened Nonwoven Fabric Pots with Handles
  • High-quality Construction: It’s made of 300g of thickened, nonwoven fabric and has reinforced sturdy handle straps for easier, secure lifting and moving; Built with a flat base, you can easily fill this plant pot by yourself.
  • Breathable: The nonwoven fabric ensures that your plant roots stay aerated and are air-pruned inside the grow bag, which keeps their roots from circling and makes them more efficient when absorbing nutrients with an overall healthier root structure.
  • Great Drainage: These grow bags naturally drain any excess water; Never deal with over-watering your plants or moldy soil because excess water will flow through the weaving; Your soil will be moist but not wet.
  • Multiple Uses: Perfect for outdoors, patios, or indoor growing operations; It can be used with traditional soil or soil mixes; If your plant is going to outgrow the bag, you can simply place the entire grow bag into a new pot and the plant roots will grow through the bottom.
  • VIVOSUN’s Quality Assurance: The handles have double stitched, allowing you to effortlessly transport your bags full of soil and plants with ease.

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