VIVOSUN 4 Pack AeroLight 400W LED Grow Light Review


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The VIVOSUN pack AeroLight 400W LED Grow Light package is designed for a 4ft x 4ft or 1.2m x 1.2m grow space. This package includes 4 x 100W AeroLight LED grow lights and the GrowHub Controller.

The VIVOSUN pack AeroLight 400W LED Grow Light packageThe AeroLight 100W fixtures join together with ‘H’ shaped connector brackets that are fixed into position with grub screws. The lights are each powered separately with 4 x plugs and are connected together to the GrowHub Controller by RJ11 network cables. The 4 lights then operate using the controller to adjust the brightness and light timing.

the Controller of the Aerolight

Each of the AeroLight 100W fixtures has an integrated circulatory fan which will push air down onto the canopy to improve CO2 exchange and general air circulation in the plant canopy. Again the fan speed and timing can be adjusted using the GrowHub Controller.

An integrated circulatory fan is equipped in each of the AeroLight 100W fixturesThere is also the option to integrate the VIVOSUN AeroZesh extract fans. The GrowHub Controller has a temperature and humidity sensor with an app to monitor and control the grow room remotely. The controller can also be set up to active devices based on the grow room temperature and humidity.

The white LEDsThe white LEDs are Samsung 3000K warm white and 5000K cool white LM301Bs with added 390nm UVA, deep blue, deep red, and 730nm Far-red LEDs. The overall spectrum is about 4200K CT, perfect for full cycle growing from seed to harvest.

The fixture in its specified 4 x 4 grow area at a "12" hanging heightI tested the fixture in its specified 4 x 4 grow area at a “12” hanging height. The power consumed was 420.4 watts and the average PAR over the test area was 583 µmols resulting in a system efficiency of 2.0 µmols per watt or usable PPF per watt.

The test data

Overall a very innovative modular LED grow light system.

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