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Prepare to grow

  1. Pick your seeds:
  2. Pick your growing setup: 
  3. Pick your light:×4-grow-tent/
  4. Get your fresh air:
  5. Keep the environment perfect: 


The first phase (seedling stage)

  1. Germinating the seeds: 
  2. When to begin feeding: A light feeding (¼-½ strength) can be done after the first week or two. Since they are small we start low and work our way up to full strength. 
  3. The perfect environment for young plants:
  4. When to go to the vegetative stage: Plants enter the vegetative stage when they are around 3 weeks to 1 month old.  This is when we should be thinking of bigger pots and feeding higher strengths. 

vegetative stage-Love What You Grow

The second phase (vegetative stage)

  1. Transplanting to bigger pots:
  2. How often to water:
  3. How to keep the plants happy:
  4. When to go to the flowering stage:

flowering stage-Love What You Grow

The third phase (flowering)

  1. Beginning flower: At the beginning of the flower we switch to Flowering nutrients and do basic plant maintenance to get the most out of our plants. 
  2. Switching to flowering food: We will use flowering nutrients to bulk up the plants, when we are almost done flowering is when we can switch to the end of flowering nutes to get the best buds possible. 
  3. Training to get the most buds:
  4. Keeping the smell down:
  5. Getting ready to harvest:

Harvest- Love What You Grow

The Fourth Phase (harvest, dry, cure)

  1. How to harvest:
  2. How to dry and cure:
  3. When can we enjoy our work: Curing is done, and the buds are at the perfect moisture level. Now sit back, roll one up, and enjoy all your hard work.

Yellow leafs-Love What You Grow

Knowing what to do when problems arise

What should I do if my plants get sick? We provide a detailed guide to improving your plant health

Repair-Love What You Grow


  1. Check common problems and how to fix them
  2. Maintain and repair grow tents:

Love What You Grow

8 Top Reasons You May Need a Grow Tent

  1. To control everything inside. With just a few tweaks here and there, you can dial in your environment to the perfect conditions your plants need to grow.
  2. Growing up in a tent doesn’t require that you use as much energy or electricity. The reflective material on the tent walls, floor, and ceiling allows the light to bounce off and go directly to the plant without losing that energy.
  3. A grow tent is generally safer to use. Since it is fully enclosed it can be tucked away and it is less likely that people will stumble across it unexpectedly.
  4. It is much easier to control the air that comes out of a grow tent than from an entire room. A simple air filtration system will remove most smells that come from your plants since a tent is confined.
  5. Controlling temperature in a grow tent is also a lot easier than in an open space. By making a few tweaks, you can raise the temperature or lower it pretty quickly.
  6. A grow tent makes it easy to keep good critters in and bad ones out. By having a contained area you can make sure the helper bugs can stay and do the jobs at hand, while the bad pests can remain on the outside.
  7. A big factor with a grow tent is that it is portable. This means that you can move it or put it away any time you need to.
  8. When all is done and grown, you can now use the grow tent to provide the perfect space to dry your plants.

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