VIVOSUN Inline Duct Fan System Introduction


  • Nick

    I just bought one of your exhaust/filter fans and it stopped blowing air.
    I have only had this about 2 months.

  • Jeff Koenig

    I’m so pissed right now my wife has gotten me 2of your 4 inch inline blower and both are junk so what if you don’t spend a lot of money for your stuff well I’m telling you this because it feels like you guys are doing this shit on purpose I live on SSI can not spend more money on what I consitter a big ticket item can you please do something

  • antE

    whats going on are you guys gonna answer this question?? I just bought one it better not mess up on me in 2-3 weeks 7/12/2020

  • Mark

    My sister bought me a 6 inch inline fan for me and i was pumped up and it stopped blowing air in a 2 -3 weeks. :’( . You hear the motor but you feel no air. And the knob to control the speed is on high. What do i do. Is there a way i can fix it or something?

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