VIVOSUN Inline Duct Fan System Introduction

VIVOSUN Inline Duct Fan System Introduction


  • Mike

    Used the 4” in-line fan for a little over a month and it just stopped working. Customer service was garbage. Don’t buy

  • Sean

    Had my 4” inline fan for 4 months never used it. When I finally did it only lasted for about 2-3 weeks. There is slight vibration but absolutely no air being blown out. Horrible product. How can I return this trash

  • Anthony Pinelli

    I was about to purchase a package fan/air scrubber/filtration system but after reading all these reviews on how they are breaking down after a short period of time in use I’m gonna hold off and I’m very hesitant to go forward with any more Vivosun products.Have all these concerns by these paying customers been addressed and settled? If I make a purchase will I be one to have to post a similar review? What is your return policy and guarantee?

  • Elt

    I came here looking for an installation help video which is what the link said. Instead I am now too scared to open the box from every comment saying they’re shit.

  • STeven

    I had the fan for 4 months and now it started rattling I left it on overnight now there is no sound but the fan is not working no air coming out of the duct can u get a replacement vivosun

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