VIVOSUN VS3000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301 Diodes
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  • The VIVOSUN VS3000 LED is designed for professionals and hobbyists alike, providing full-spectrum lighting ranging from white, warm-white, red, and far-red light for the needs of different growth stages for your lovely plants.
  • Lower Cost & High Efficiency: The VIVOSUN VS3000 LED grow lights combine the latest high-efficiency (2.9μmol/J) LED plant light technology, the Samsung LM301 Diodes and the Sosen driver for high output that consumes only 320W of electricity, enabling gardeners and specialists alike to do more efficient garden work.
  • Daisy-Chain-Ability: Each light is perfect for covering 3’x3’ or 4’x4’ grow tents; This grow light comes with a daisy-chain ability and allows connections of up to 20 lights in series—simply control the main light to adjust your settings; The lights are an excellent choice for indoor planting and commercial cultivation in large rooms.
  • Dimmable Ballast: The VS3000 LED plant lamp is equipped with 744 LEDs and a dimming knob which allows for different lighting for different growing periods; It is dimmable at 5 levels of light intensity ranging from 0% (off), 25%, 50%, 75%, to 100% and comes with a 120V America NEMA 5-15P plug.
  • Full-Spectrum Sunlike Lighting: The VS 3000 full-spectrum LEDs deliver optimal light-spectrum coverage which includes 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, 730nm light (white, warm-white, red, and far-red light); The 730nm diodes accelerate flowering whereas the 660nm diodes improve photosynthesis, which is most beneficial during blooming; More power for blooming and maximum PAR output at various distances, with super-bright lights that your plants will love; Increases yields while decreasing costs, especially if you compare it to traditional HPS/CMH combos.
  • Low Noise & Heat: The VS3000 LED has a unique appearance with a minimalist design; It comes with a high-quality, long-lasting cable and ventilation holes that reduce overheating; No fans are needed so your setup will produce low noise outputs, and the ambient heat is very low, there’s no need to worry about burning or damaging to your plants.

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