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    AeroZesh T4 Inline Duct Fan and GrowHub E42A
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    • Attain a balanced environment with the AeroZesh, the new inline ventilation duct fan that is fully compatible with the GrowHub Controller and App. The AeroZesh is a PWM controlled EC fan that utilizes a mixed flow design to create high static pressure, improving performance and increasing air volume while reducing noise.
    • Unify Your Equipment: You can operate them individually or unify all your smart devices through the GrowHub E42A platform to simplify the complexities of gardening to a scientifically manageable level and thus better stabilize your growth environment
    • Energy-Saving & Low-Noise Fan: This Fan is controlled by PWM more energy-efficient; The mixed-flow design allows the fans deliver air across longer distances; The fan ventilates quietly at just 39 dB
    • Environmental Monitoring: With a built-in temp and humidity gauge and one probe, the GrowHub Controller E42A monitors changes in both the internal and external environment and VPD, and you can view this data and program through the App
    • Fully Automated: Program your equipment to automatically take you through each stage of growth – program light intensity, light spectrum, on/off periods, fan speed, and airflow volume, make changes to better suit your plants at any time
    • App Controllable: The GrowHub Controller is WiFi-enabled so you can control your equipment from anywhere, anytime via the app; The App expands the controller's capabilities through Grow Recipes and other extremely powerful settings
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    APP Intelligent Program Using with Smart Grow System, Professional Grow Recipes for Indoor Growing--Not for Selling

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    AeroZesh T4 4-inch 210 CFM Smart Inline Fan, Must Be Used with GrowHub E12/E42/E42A/E25 Controller

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    GrowHub Controller E42A, Smart Environmental WiFi-Controller with Temperature, Humidity, Timer, Cycle, Schedule Controls, for Grow Tent Cooling Ventilation Lighting, Used for Kits

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