• 1.6" Rockwool Grow Cubes, 1 sheet of 28 Plugs
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    About this item

    • This 1.6" Stonewool Grow Cubes Starter Sheets can be used for cuttings, cloning, plant propagation, seed starting, hydroponic grow media for vigorous plant growth.
    • High-Quality Material: The product is made from high quality basalt, which melts at high temperatures to form fibers and is compressed into blocks by a proprietary process that ensures it holds its shape without falling into pieces.
    • Good Permeability: 95% of rock wool porosity allows plant roots to be in full contact with air, retaining sufficient oxygen for rapid plant growth; Good water absorption and strong permeability create a good environment for root growth.
    • Sterile & Water-Retaining: Inorganic and sterile growth media are more conducive to seed germination than soil; The fibrous structure retains water for longer, ensuring the water and nutrients needed for plant growth and facilitating the production of stronger root systems.
    • Easy to Transplant: You can cut it into cubes of different sizes according to your needs; Each cube has a pre-formed hole into which you can easily place the seeds; Once the roots have developed, you can easily separate the cubes and transplant them into net pots, soil.
    • Variety of Uses: Packed with a total of 28 cubes, each measuring 1.6x1.6x1.6 inches, these rockwool starter plugs are widely used for hydroponics, seed starting, plugging, plant propagation and more, making them an excellent choice for hobbyists and commercial growers.
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