• APP Intelligent Program Using with Smart Grow System, Professional Grow Recipes for Indoor Growing--Not for Selling

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    About this item

    • The VIVOSUN App is the simple yet powerful way to manage your grow space wherever you are in the world. Everything you can do on the GrowHub Controller you can also do through the VIVOSUN App.
    • Unify Your Equipment: The VIVOSUN App unifies the most important environmental control equipment in your space: LED lighting, inline duct fan ventilation, and air circulation, which can all be controlled and monitored through your phone, with the touch of a button you can control all connected equipment.
    • Get Environmental Alerts: The App sends automatic alerts if conditions reach outside of your preset parameters making monitoring and reacting to changes easier than ever, and if your environment ever changes in ways you don’t like you are notified and can adjust as you see fit.
    • Monitor Your Environment: Monitoring just got much easier with the grow diary, track all aspects including temperature, humidity, photoperiods, spectrum, airflow, on/off cycles, and more, all recorded in an easy-to-read grow diary that simplifies how we understand our grow space, and use that information to make better decisions in your environment.
    • Customizable and Automatic Grow Recipes: Grow Recipes are the center of the App, use automated recipes designed by professional growers that match each stage of growth in light intensity and spectrum, etc., or design your own Grow Recipe from scratch and create your own automated style of growing, or make minor alterations to the recipe along the way.
    • Free, Use Anywhere in the World: The App is free and synchs with your GrowHub Controller, you can monitor, adjust, get alerts, and track your environment whether you are on the way to the store or are in a different country, as long as your Controller is connected to WiFi you will always have access to your equipment.