We Apologize

We want to apologize for any problems that our previous AC clip on fan may have caused.

This fan had particularly faulty components and we regret not acting faster to address this problem publicly.

You may have noticed that VIVOSUN has gone through a lot of changes over the past two years and we have spent a lot of time growing as a company, designing more reliable products, establishing better supply chains, and partnering with more responsible partners.

We discontinued this fan at the beginning of 2020 because of unreliability and have been working on a replacement that is more reliable and more efficient and we have taken steps to specifically address all of the problems that arose with that older AC fan model: improving motor functionality, including a dedicated thermal cut-off protector that cuts power at high temperatures, and improved clip clasps that keep the fan from falling to name a few. These improvements, along with finding a better partner for these components, make this fan a much more efficient and reliable model. We guarantee that this fan is a vast improvement to our older version and we are encouraging everyone to test it out.

If you are still using our older model bought in 2019-2020 and have had trouble with it, please do not hesitate to contact us: clipfan@vivosun.com with the proof of purchase along with the issue and we will happily refund you or send you our new model to test.

We sincerely apologize again for any problems that may have arisen with the older model. We should have apologized two years ago when we discontinued the product. We always have intended to resolve any issues raised by customers in good faith.

We do not pay for post deletions and we embrace criticism as it has driven us to grow as a company. This has been a long road for our company but we are glad we are here writing this letter to you. We are proud of our craftsmanship and the improvements we have made and we believe you will be, too.

Thank you everyone for being a VIVOSUN customer and always supporting us and continuing to grow with us!