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In the process of planting, we often encounter various problems with plants. At this time, it is very important to pay attention to plant health. We have compiled a list of possible plant problems to help you solve them in a timely manner and restore your plants to health in time.


How Often Should I Fertilize during the Flowering Stage?

Nutrients are a tricky thing. Do you know how often should you fertilize during the flowering stage? Explore with VIVOSUN Growing Guide now!
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CO2: What Are the Benefits and How Does It Help Your Plants

When we grow indoors, especially in grow tents, we can control many external factors to increase yields or speed up plant growth. In addition...
Easy Ways to Control Temperature in a Grow Tent

Easy Ways to Control Temperature in a Grow Tent

Temperature and humidity are critical environmental factors that significantly influence plant growth and development in controlled indoor cultivation systems. Along with factors such as...