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In the process of planting, we often encounter various problems with plants. At this time, it is very important to pay attention to plant health. We have compiled a list of possible plant problems to help you solve them in a timely manner and restore your plants to health in time.

How to Make You Indoor Plants Grow Faster

Making Your Indoor Plants Grow Faster

Before we discuss how to make indoor plants grow faster, let’s go over the growth cycle of your plants. Usually, the average growth time...
Yellow leafs

Why & How to Stop My Weed Plants Turning Yellow?

One thing you don’t want to see is your weed plant leaves turning yellow, but don't get too nervous if it happens. The yellowing...
How often to Water Cannabis

How often to Water Cannabis? | 4 Steps to become Grower Pro

Watering is not as easy as it looks. How to water cannabis? You need to consider a lot of factors but luckily the tried and true method of knowing when you need to water is simple. Learn more in the article!
How to Get Rid of Pests from Cannabis

All You Should Learn How to Get rid of Pests

How to get rid of pests? This is your first time growing cannabis. You check your plants every day and feel relieved since everything goes...
Heat stress

Strategies to Fix Nutrient Lockout

So you’ve given your cannabis plants all the nutrients they require but they’re still looking limp. What gives? You might be facing something called...