Grow it Yourself HCF1600 LED Grow Lights

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About this item

  • Grow it Yourself HCF1600 LED Grow Lights
  • Advanced Spectral Range: These full-spectrum LED grow lights deliver optimal spectral coverage. Emphasizing the blue and red wavelengths that promote plants to grow vegetation or flower, HCF LED grow lights give off specific wavelengths of light and maximize the amount of light that can be photosynthesized, creating what we believe is the most advanced light for plants, and a pleasant light for growers.
  • Complete Spectrum Control: The HCF LED Grow Light has a dimming knob that allows growers to customize that spectrum by dialing in light delivery. With a pair of VIVOSUN US-patented rope hangers, it is easy to adjust the height of the grow light so that it can be kept close (2-3”) from the top-most leaves of your plants.
  • Streamline Ventilation Process: With power supply and ventilation holes, these LED Grow Lights are cooled internally so you save money on electricity and can have a quieter, fan-free grow space in the process! With these lights, the grower can highly control the environment for plants, greatly reducing the need for pesticides and chemical treatments on plants.
Technical Specs

Technical Specs

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