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All-in-one Innovative Ecosystem

VGrow's all-in-one ecosystem integrates Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs and an advanced air circulation system to ensure optimal growth conditions for your plants. Whether you're a novice or a pro, achieve efficient and healthy plant growth effortlessly.

Double-Sided Luxury Faux Leather

VGrow's double-sided luxury faux leather design offers both durability and high-end aesthetics. It enhances any home decor while protecting internal components, making it a stylish and practical choice.
Tunable Spectrum LED
VGrow features Samsung LM301H EVO LEDs with tunable spectrum capabilities, meeting your plants' light needs at various growth stages. Optimize photosynthesis and enhance growth efficiency with precise light control.
Advanced Air Circulation
VGrow's advanced air circulation system ensures excellent airflow, preventing pests and diseases while creating the ideal growing environment. Perfectly manage temperature and humidity to keep your plants thriving.
Smart APP Control
VGrow supports smart APP control, allowing you to monitor and adjust your plant's growth environment anytime, anywhere. Easily set light, temperature, and humidity from your phone, making plant care simple and efficient.


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Customer Reviews

Wow!! This Vgrow smart box is amazing everything works great the quality that’s put into it is amazing love the look not to mention how well it was boxed and shipped came with all the accessories need to start growing and looks really great in the living room am very very happy with my purchase and looking forward to the accessories they’ll be putting out for the vgrow smart box.


Love this setup very nice it goes well with the rest of my tent set up


10/10 absolutely perfect. Everything arrived flawlessly with no issues at all. Thank you again Vivosun team, and shoutout to Louis for responding to my stock inquiry. I am beyond excited for this one! Love what you grow. Kind regards, Chase


Very easy to assemble, tired of big complex grows. Just want easy and efficient! Thanks vivosun!


amazing fan. it really keeps humidity down


The top of the vgrow box has a very slick glass top that weighs 10+ pounds. Poles and manual sensor have some wiggle in them but the poles are well connected. Skin is a very thick and soft faux leather with a heavy duty zipper. Light is intense the pictures of the lights are 25%, 60% 100%. Fans are comfortably quiet but anything over 6 gets loud. Included close up of upper corner to show how power cable of third party cam can fit without letting light out and you can tuck it in the back groove, well done. App is extremely interactive and you can control every aspect of the tent. Only thing is the outside temp sensors need to be calibrated and a setting to dim the logo would be nice 🙏 but super happy with the purchase and I’m so psyched to start training. Plus zippers fit small locks which is awesome. Drip irrigation kit works very well the coco coir is perfectly saturated at least on top.


so far so good,it's a very intriguing system I love it. the humidity has me concerned hope they come out with a humidifier for the box. Started about a week ago,excited for the adventure. will get a second one for alternating grows.


Love this box! Can't wait to see the results!


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Original Price: US$699.00

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