What Are the Signs of Overfeeding and Underfeeding?


The trick to growing the best cannabis possible is to find that sweet spot when feeding nutrients (VIVOSUN nutrients). In order to learn where that sweet spot is, we must learn the signs of overfeeding and underfeeding. In this short article, We will try to help you learn to spot those signs so you can correct them as soon as possible.

What are the signs of overfeeding and under-feeding

Our cannabis plants should be a pretty shade of green, with no spots or variation in color. When our plants are underfed they won’t grow as well as they should and an underfed plant is more susceptible to bugs, molds, and other issues. When your plants start showing signs of discoloration you should start investigating why that might be. Improper pH levels can result in deficiencies in your plant. When pH levels are in the proper range, nutrients will be allowed to be taken in by the plant; when the pH level is out of the normal range plants can suffer from the nutrient lockout, meaning they are unable to take in new nutrients regardless whether they need it or not.

In order to test the pH level, you’re recommended to use VIVOSUN pH testers which are provided in multiple types. To test pH we not only must check the pH of the water we give to the plants but also test the run-off water to make sure solid pH is within the ideal range. When testing pH levels in soil runoff the range should be between 5.8 and 6.8. In hydroponic setups, pH should be a bit lower at 5.5 – 6.5. When leaves shift from green to light green or yellow, and they start drooping or show other signs of trouble, we need to take immediate action to fix things.

Likewise, if your plants show signs of burnt tips, browning tips, or if the leaves become crispy and curl up these can all be signs of overfeeding. Both overfeeding and underfeeding can be corrected easily and by knowing the signs of what to look for, you can take the steps needed to fix any problems that come up.

Overfeeding and underfeeding can look similar in plants so it’s important to know the signs so that we can correct things as soon as possible. The main goal is to have nice healthy plants that will produce the best results. While there are too many deficiencies to list here so we hope this will be a good starting point to know what to look for. Knowing what the first sign of trouble looks like is the first step in the battle to get your plants to a healthy state.

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