What Are the Different Feeding Techniques for Your Plants?


Now that we know how often we need to feed our cannabis plants. We now need to find out how to feed them. There are several feeding techniques and we will try to explain some of them so that you can find which way is best for you.

Top dressing

One of the easier ways to feed our plants is to add a top dressing to the soil. To do this we add nutrients to the top of the soil, around the base of the plant. VIVOSUN nutrients are recommended. As the plant gets watered the nutrients break down and feed the plants. This method feeds the plants slower than other methods, so if your plant has a deficiency you will need to use another method to provide faster results.


Another method is by using foliar sprays which are provided by VIVOSUN as well. This means that we spray nutrients directly on the leaves of the plant so they can soak up the nutrients faster. The leaves will absorb the nutrients and send them directly to the veins of the plant. This can be used in conjunction with pest management as well and can provide the plant with the needed nutrients faster than top dressing. But something that needs to be mentioned is that when foliar feeding it is best to be done in the early morning or right before lights out so that the plants don’t burn under the intense lighting. When in doubt, use a small area to test on before spraying your whole crop.

Mixing with water

One of the most common methods of feeding your plants is mixing them with water and feeding them as you water the soil. This requires either mixing liquid nutrients or water-soluble nutrients into your watering source and then using that to water as normal. For water soluble nutrients you can fill a bucket and swirl the water around until it is dissolved. For liquid, you just mix as usual.

Usually, we use a combination of different feeding styles. But these are the basic methods of getting food to your plants. Whichever method you choose you can’t go wrong.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help!

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