AeroLight Versus Competitors!


So we’ve been sharing a lot about the AeroLight these days but how does it stack up with other products out there on the market right now? There is a lot to think about when you’re considering a new grow light and it can be difficult to parse what kind of considerations you’ll need to have in mind so we wanted to create a reference chart to make the process easy. So what kind of considerations are there? Let’s take a look:

Circulation – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Circulation refers to airflow within the tent. Proper airflow helps reduce and spread out temperatures and circulate fresh air and CO2 throughout the space. Circulation is normally accomplished by a circulation fan like a clip-on fan or an inline fan, however, the AeroLight has a built-in circulation fan that does the job of a clip-on fan (although having both will only make things better!).

Environmental Control and Automation – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Environmental control is a difficult task to accomplish. It requires constant management and attention but with the AeroLight and the GrowHub Controller, you can automate environmental reactions so that your grow space is always perfectly balanced like all things should be.

Efficacy – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Efficacy refers to the light’s ability to convert power in Watts to photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) that can be used by plants. The higher the rating, the better your plants will grow and the cheaper your electricity bill will be!

Light Spectrum – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

The light spectrum is something we talk about all the time – it refers to the quality of the light that comes from your fixture. This light should produce a lot of red spectrum light, some blue spectrum, and UVA and, sometimes, far-red. We want to mimic the light from the sun that is the best for our plants – plants don’t use all colors of the spectrum (green, for example, is mostly reflected off of the plant) but they do use specific colors along with the supplementary colors mentioned above, and a good light will produce that.

LED Type – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. The Diode type is a crucial component of the fixture and determines the efficacy of the light along with the quality of the spectrum, heat output, and lifespan of the fixture. Having a name-brand diode like SAMSUNG is crucial because there are a lot of poor-quality diodes on the market that simply die off over time or produce too much heat for a stable environment.

Spectral Tuning – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Being able to “tune” your spectrum is equivalent to being able to change the light produced by the Sun! Each stage of plant growth requires a specific coloration of light – seedlings tend to be fragile, vegetative growth wants blue light emphasized as this helps with the robustness of leaves, and flowering prefers red light as red light increases the size of buds. Being able to emphasize those specific light qualities goes a long way to helping your plant grow faster and healthier!

Light Distribution – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Distribution or area coverage means how many photons reach the surface across a given area – the higher the light is hung the lower the concentration of photons increases. We map this on a PAR map – the goal is to have an even distribution of photons across the floor or surface, without losing too many photons in the corners, so every plant gets even coverage.

Ease and Convenience of Install – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Installation is often overlooked as an important factor when purchasing a light. Having a light that is quick and simple to set up saves time and energy and means you can transfer the system wherever it’s needed, and quickly.

Smart Control – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Smart control refers to automation and controlling lights through automated processing, whether that be rudimentary like a timer, or something more sophisticated like the VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller, a fully-functional timer, spectrum adjuster, or climate control computer built into a small device that allows the user to synch all data and operations through an app on their phone. It makes growing so much easier and more fun and should be the industry standard!

Special Features – The AeroLight Versus Competitors

Special features might include natural environmental mimicking, specific airflow modes, or specific settings that you’ll find useful in niche situations. These aren’t required but they are great to have!

Now let’s look at how the competition stacks up against the VIVOSUN AeroLight!

VIVOSUN AeroLight Mars Hydro TS-600 – TS-1000 Spider Farmer SF-1000D SF-1000 VIPARSPECTRA P1000 Groplanner 1500W
Image VIVOSUN AeroLight
Circulation Grow Light + Circulation Fan
2 in 1
The best position to generate internal circulation, the uniform wind toward plants
Grow Light Only Grow Light Only Grow Light Only Grow Light Only
Environmental Control One device provides the total environmental solution


Grow Light Only Grow Light Only Grow Light Only Grow Light Only
Efficacy 2.7 µmol/J


1.9-2.3 µmol/J 2.5µmol/J Unknown 2.75µmol/J
Light Spectrum Full spectrum:
RED 650nm
BLUE 450nm
Far Red 730nm
UVA 390nm
No blue or UVA No blue or UVA No blue or UVA No blue or UVA
LED Type High-efficiency SAMSUNG 301B
Highly reliable Quarts packaging; UVA diodes
Generic LEDs SAMSUNG 301B Low-end 2835 LEDs Generic LEDs
Spectral Tuning Optimized spectrum fitting different grow stages:
Fixed spectrum, not adjustable Fixed spectrum, not adjustable Fixed spectrum, not adjustable Fixed spectrum, not adjustable
Light Distribution Uniform Light distribution, wide light area (330x330mm)


Uneven distribution with a small coverage area Uneven distribution with a small coverage area Uneven distribution with a small coverage area Uneven distribution with a small coverage area
Installation Hassle-free installation; pre-installed hanger hooks reduce hanging efforts; creative hanger design allows light to be mounted to the tent easily Normal hangers Normal hangers Normal hangers Normal hangers
Smart  Control Remote/Local control & monitoring
Advanced schedule setting via the VIVOSUN App
n/a n/a n/a n/a
Special Features Sunrise/sunset mode for grow light together with
optimized spectrum, natural wind mode for circulation fan
n/a n/a n/a n/a
Awards 2022 Red Dot Award Winner n/a n/a n/a n/a


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