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In recent years, technology has changed dramatically, and grow lights have advanced by leaps and bounds. LED lights are a latecomer to the industry but quickly took their place in cannabis cultivation and have become increasingly important to the grower community and have sparked a series of questions and controversies.


We’re here to add in our two cents about HPS and LED systems, and which one may be right for you. Let’s start off by saying that there is no right answer to which is better—they both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Whether you are new to growing or have been growing for years, you may have the same questions about HPS and LED: what are the differences between LED and HPS lights? Are LEDs as good as HPS systems?

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If you want to know which option is right for you, please continue to read the following explications.

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HPS stands for High-Pressure Sodium lamps. These are more efficient types of HID lighting than, for example, metal halide bulbs. By compressing sodium gas into a small space and running an electrical current through the tube, HPS bulbs emit light in the yellow/red visible light spectrum as well as small portions of all other visible light (so if you do decide to go for HPS, know you’ll get most of the light spectrum from your bulb).

Since HPS grow lights deliver more energy in the red part of the light spectrum, they promote blooming and fruiting because plants “utilize” red light to produce the chemical compounds that make up fruiting bodies. They are used as a supplement to natural daylight in greenhouse lighting and full-spectrum lighting (metal halide) or as a standalone source of light for indoor grow spaces.

Are LED lights better than HPS?

Pros and cons of HPSPros & Cons of HPS

Vivosun LED Grow Lights

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode, and are composed of multiple individual light-emitting diodes installed on a board, usually in a casing with a heat sink and built-in fans. Unlike HPS systems, LED grow lights do not usually require a separate ballast and reflector, and can be plugged directly into a standard electrical socket.

Individual LEDs usually provide only a single narrow range of colors, and so different color LEDs are mixed in grow lights in proportions depending on how you plan to use them. For growing, the diodes are usually red, blue, yellow, and green, with red and blue being more dominant. This is why LEDs always look purple in photographs.

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Pros and Cons of LED Grow LightsPros & Cons of LED

LED vs HPS 2022: Which Option is Better?


Obviously, there are pros and cons to each light system, and choosing the right system depends on your growing plans. Think carefully about what your growing environment will be like, how much money you’d like to add to your monthly electricity bill, if you have the right place to hang the digital ballast required for an HPS system, and if becoming a grower is a long or short-term investment.

Over time, LEDs will pay for themselves—they have an initial start-up cost but they last longer and they are much easier to maintain and install. HPS systems are great for colder climates since they produce a lot of heat, they also have a long track record as extremely successful grow lighting so HPS systems are standardized across the industry.

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