How Much Weed Does One Plant Yield: 3 Main Factors


The Efficiency of Compact: How the VGrow Delivers 8oz. Yields from a Smaller Setup

How much weed does one plant yield?

Under ideal outdoor conditions, a cannabis plant can yield up to 500 grams (17.5 oz). Ensure enough space (at least two meters), ample water, nutrients, and no pests and diseases. If using containers, they should be at least 50 liters (15 gallons) in size.

The VGrow has been designed to maximize yield despite its compact size, and several factors contribute to this success:

1. Strain Selection

The VGrow is suitable for both autoflower and photoperiod strains. According to our experiments, dry yields can reach up to 8 oz with the photoperiod White Widow strain. The highest yield from a VGrow user to date is 8.8 oz (Piña x Zweet Auto), including sugar leaves.

how much weed does one plant yield

2. Planting Techniques

Effective planting techniques play a crucial role in maximizing yield. Techniques such as topping, trimming, pruning, scrogging, low-stress training (LST), and lollipopping help manage plant growth and maximize light exposure, resulting in higher yields. Additionally, using appropriate training methods ensures that plants grow in a controlled manner, optimizing space and light utilization.
The GrowPilot feature in the app guides you on how to train your plants from seed to harvest, ensuring successful yields even for complete beginners.

Low stress training in Vgrow

3. Environmental Control

The VGrow utilizes advanced internal and external environmental sensors to precisely monitor temperature and humidity. It modulates inlet and outlet fan speeds to maintain optimal growing conditions. With this algorithm, VGrow can adjust the grow space temperature to match the room temperature while maintaining humidity levels within ±10% of the room’s humidity.
The VGrow system also provides real-time alerts and adjustments, both locally and remotely, to ensure a consistent growing environment.

Why is The VGrow designed to be this height?

VGrow’s height is carefully designed to optimize the growth process with energy efficiency in mind. The algorithm adjusts lighting, fan speed, and other parameters according to different growth stages, ensuring plants receive optimal lighting with maximum energy efficiency. Additionally, VGrow’s inner skin has a reflection rate of up to 99.9%, meaning that with the same level of light density, plants can receive more photons for better photosynthesis and growth. 

By maintaining the ideal light source and energy-saving features with GrowPilot features in-app plant training guide, VGrow ensures optimal growth and maximizes yield potential. 

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