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how to tell the sex of marijuana plants?

How to Tell the Sex of Marijuana Plants

Marijuana is a dioecious plant, meaning there are visible differences between male and female plants. So how to tell the sex of marijuana plants? Unsurprisingly, flowers are produced by female marijuana plants while pollen is produced...
How often to Water Cannabis

How often to Water Cannabis? | 4 Steps to become Grower Pro

Watering is not as easy as it looks. How to water cannabis? You need to consider a lot of factors but luckily the tried and true method of knowing when you need to water is simple. Learn more in the article!
Store Cannabis Seeds

The Best Ways to Store Cannabis Seeds

Improper storage of seeds will cause crop failure before the first step is even reached. Cannabis seeds are living organisms and the state of cannabis seeds before germination is similar to a hibernating animal,...
Cutting your plants for clone

All About Cloning Your Cannabis! Step by Step

When aiming to expand your gardening operations, starting from seedlings is not necessarily required. Plant cloning is an efficient and effective method to propagate new plants from strains you have found successful and favorable....