8 Top Reasons You May Need a Grow Tent


So, you’ve decided you want to grow but now you are not sure whether you need a grow tent. We will give you some reasons why a grow tent may be right for you. Hopefully, these will help you get an idea of how to choose the best option going forward.

8 Top Reasons You May Need a Grow Tent


  1. One of the best reasons to get a grow tent is that you can control everything inside. With just a few tweaks here and there, you can dial in your environment to the perfect conditions your plants need to grow. Controlling an environment inside a tent is a lot easier than controlling a big room.
  2. Growing up in a tent doesn’t require that you use as much energy or electricity. The reflective material on the tent walls, floor, and ceiling allows the light to bounce off and go directly to the plant without losing that energy. In nonreflective spaces, light is projected from the lamp and onto various surfaces and is absorbed as heat and light, and the amount of light reflected is quite minimal (just enough so that your eyes can see it), but if you have a reflective surface (a mirror or Mylar for example) light is actually “bent” at an angle and sent elsewhere. If all of the surfaces are reflective, then the light will bounce around until it reaches a surface that is not, mainly, your plants. The reflectivity ensures that you are getting the most out of your energy use and that your plants are getting the most energy they can have.
  3. A grow tent is generally safer to use. Since it is fully enclosed it can be tucked away and it is less likely that people will stumble across it unexpectedly. Having a grow operation in a closet or spare bedroom may be nice but it’s a lot harder to hide when guests are over. A grow tent is fully contained, and fully isolated, and a small padlock can keep out nosy guests.
  4. It is much easier to control the air that comes out of a grow tent than from an entire room. A simple air filtration system will remove most smells that come from your plants and since a tent is confined, smells really only sit around the tent itself, and with the ventilation ports, you can make sure that the only air that comes out is fresh and clean. This is a lot easier to control than, say, an open room.
  5. Controlling temperature in a grow tent is also a lot easier than in an open space. By making a few tweaks, you can raise the temperature or lower it pretty quickly. Since you are limiting the space, the temperature is confined and doesn’t escape as quickly as it would in an open area.
  6. A grow tent makes it easy to keep good critters in and bad ones out. By having a contained area you can make sure the helper bugs can stay and do the jobs at hand, while the bad pests can remain on the outside. Having full control of the garden inside is a lot easier than having to worry about large open spaces where any pathogen or pest could find its way into your garden. A grow tent also makes fixing any problems a lot easier because you can control the factors that encourage pests (such as heat and humidity). The only way a pathogen is going to find its way into a tent is on the bottom of your shoe or on your clothes, so if you take precautions to ensure you are clean before you enter the tent your plants will thank you.
  7. A big factor with a grow tent is that it is portable. Let’s face it, things happen that may require you to move everything at a moment’s notice. A dedicated grow room will be hard to move in a short amount of time while a grow tent is really just a few wires that need to be unplugged and the tent itself can be fully broken down in a few minutes. This means that you can move it or put it away anytime you need to.
  8. When all is done and grown, you can now use the grow tent to provide the perfect space to dry your plants. Grow tents are not only great for the actual growth of a plant, but because you can control humidity, temperature, airflow, and light, they are also great places to dry plants. If a plant dries too fast or too slow the end product will not be as good tasting or smelling., but by using a tent you’re able to control the environment and also observe the progress without disturbing your plants.

We hope that these points can help you decide if a grow tent is right for you and your situation.

As always if you have any questions you can message our Instagram or Facebook and we’ll be glad to help you out! We’re happy you’re on this journey and we want to help in any way we can.

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