VIVOSUN VSF6450 Foldable LED Grow Light for 4' x 4' / 5' x 5' Grow Tents
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About this item

  • Package includes: 1x VSF6450 LED Light 1x 24-hour Plug-in Timer 1x 120V to 240V Plug Adaptor 1x Custom Suspension Kit 1x Manual.
  • Full-Spectrum Sunlike Lighting: Designed with optimal light-spectrum coverage using 2142PCS Samsung 3030 (6500K) lights and 84PCS 660nm Osram 3030 lights in the white, warm white, red, and far-red light spectrums; The 660nm diodes improve photosynthesis and are most beneficial during blooming and flowering; Blue light promotes plants’ germination and when combined with the red lights leads to higher yields.
  • Daisy-Chain-Ability: The daisy-chain ability allows connections of up to 160 lights in a series — simply control the main light with a VIVOSUN controller to dim or brighten all the lights in the series; We offer you a digital timer to control/preset the light, making it easy if you are not home; It can be used for indoor planting, grow tents (perfect for 4’ x 4’ or 5’ x 5’), hydroponics, gardens, and commercial cultivation in large rooms.
  • Foldable Design & Detachable Ballast: The grow light can be folded up to 180° making it easy to install or store and thus keeping your room tidy; It comes with a detachable ballast and a 9.8ft. long power cord with 120V America NEMA 5-15P plug; Mounting the ballast outside the tent or away from the light can reduce ambient heat and extend your light’s service lifespan.
  • Dimmable & Uniform Lighting: Comes equipped with a dimming knob with 6 levels of light intensity ranging from 0% (off), to 40%, 50%, 60%, 80%, and 100%; The light bar design has IP66 water prevention, benefits from heat dissipation, and enables uniform light density throughout the plant canopy at all stages of growth.
  • High Efficiency & Stability: With Samsung 3030 & OSRAM 3030 and the Inventronics driver, this grow light achieves 40% higher PPFD than HID lamps and delivers high-efficiency (2.8μmol/J) LED light with low power consumption (645W) for real energy savings; Ideal for efficient and effective gardeners and specialists.

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