• VIVOSUN Plug Power Consumption Meter
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    • VIVOSUN Plug Power Consumption Meter
    • Fully control of your electricity usage: Power Meter let you understand your electronic appliances and make the bill under your control
    • Easy to Use: Set the amount charged per kWh in your house, plug the meter on the wall, then plug the electronic appliance on the meter, it should start calculating the amount when the appliance start
    • Large LCD Display: It allows you to read the number easily.
    • Backlight: Help people to read at night, lights up when the meter is connected to an AC power
    • Built-in Battery: VIVOSUN Power Meter has a built-in battery that can store data when you unplug it and continue reading data after you re-plug it
    • Spec: PRICE RANGE- 0.00cost/kWh - 99.99cost/kWh; Total kWh Display: 0.000kWh - 9999kWh; Cost display: 0.00cost----9999cost

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