• VIVOSUN Mini Lean-to Green House, 39.3x78.7x82.6-Inch Portable Wall
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    • VIVOSUN Mini Lean-to Green House, 39.3x78.7x82.6-Inch Portable Wall
    • Metal Bar Structure: Stable when staked down and braced against a backing wall; Roll-up entrance door on one side for access and ventilation
    • Tough Material: PE cover with a grid of green reinforcing fibers throughout; PE grid cover prevents harm from UV rays and bad weather, while still offering the best solar performance
    • Included Shelf Unit: Interior rack is strong enough to hold your plants as starter seedlings; Grow your entire garden from seeds in this walk-in greenhouse
    • Easy to Assemble: This attached greenhouse is lightweight even when assembled and with the plastic hothouse exterior on it, so it’s super easy for a single person to move and re-position
    • Space-saving: Portable, durable, and reusable, with plenty of room inside for shelving while still being able to walk around; A life-saver to grow your own plants in a very tight space

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