VIVOSUN 1000W DE HPS Grow Bulb
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About this item

  • VIVOSUN 1000W DE HPS Grow Bulb
  • Intense, Tailored Light Spectrum: Ultra-Bright at 151,000 Lumens with optimal PAR output, this lamp falls at 2100K in the red and orange spectrum to stimulate lush, abundant harvests
  • Double Ended for Superior Results: Quality double-ended system delivers the highest quality light evenly and without obstruction and lasts almost twice as long as a single-ended lamp
  • Economical and Energy Efficient: This double-ended HPS model provides 35% more available energy than a single-ended HPS lamp; enjoy heavier harvests and lower energy bills
  • High-quality Units: Precision built components precisely render the most nourishing spectra for your plants; Premium Quartz exterior won't distort or dull light output
  • Great Customer Service: VIVOSUN is known for high-quality products backed by friendly 24/7 after-sales support. Products arrive packaged discreetly to protect your privacy

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