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Watering and Feeding During Veg

Getting the right wet and dry cycle for your cannabis plants is crucial and every plant is different—you can expect that plants that share...

Defoliation During the Vegetative Stage

Defoliation is the process of trimming away leaves in such a way that it helps increase yield. There is some discussion whether defoliation is...
Vegetative Stage

Moving to the Vegetative Stage

So your seeds are germinated and you have seedlings that are growing well, but now the question is when do you start them in...

How to Grow During Vegetative Stage

The two most important stages of plant growth are vegetative stage and flowering stage. Vegetative stage is a growth stage connecting seedling stage and...
Transition from Vegetative to Flowering

How to Transition from Vegetative to Flowering

As growers, there are a lot of little things to consider when switching your plantstransition from vegetative to flowering. Switching at the right time...

How Often Should I Fertilize during the Flowering Stage

We always want to maximize the yields when harvesting, however, this may not be as easy as we think. Yields are decided by a...