Tag: Plant Health

In the process of planting, we often encounter various problems with plants. At this time, it is very important to pay attention to plant health. We have compiled a list of possible plant problems to help you solve them in a timely manner and restore your plants to health in time.

cannabis Curling up

How to Overcome Cannabis Curling Up Leaves?

Cannabis leaves curling upupwards or downwards is something we often have while growing weed—every farmer needs to know how to fix it. Before we...
purple weed

What Makes Weed Plants Turn Purple

Sometimes our cannabis plants turn a magnificent purple color—this distinctive color does not mean that purple cannabis has higher medicinal value than commonly used...
Light stress

Cannabis Light Burn and Light Stress

Providing plants with adequate light is what we always strive for when growing, but too much of anything is bad and if you give...
Fix Nutrient Burn

The Easy Way to Fix Nutrient Burn

The more nutrients, the better? Of course not! Nutrient burn! We really tried to stress the proper amount of nutrients in the article How...
heat stress cover

How to Fix Cannabis Heat Stress?

In the process of growing cannabis, we often experience cannabis heat stress. Cannabis can only withstand a certain amount of heat and light and...
wet weed

You Should Know What to Do If Your Weed Gets Wet

Whether you purchased weed or dried your own plants, chances are your weed has accidentally gotten wet. This may be because the cannabis has...

What Should I Do if My Plants are Growing Slowly?

Sometimes you will find that your plants seem to grow slowly, which might indicate that there are some health problems with your plants or...
Bud Rot

Bud Rot: What, Why and How

Bud rot, aka Botrytis, is a common gray mold that growers likely will face at one time or another. Botrytis usually occurs when there is...
healthy roots

Knowing Your Roots for Better Plant Health

When we look at our plants or pick out already grown pots at the store, it's easy to tell whether they're healthy or not—healthy...
Treat White Powdery Mildew

Best Ways to Treat White Powdery Mildew

My Story with White Powdery Mildew: I was having an excellent veg cycle. Every day the plant was getting bigger and the leaves were...