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How to set up grow tent? How to grow faster? How to water?….Here all you need to know about how to! Check now!


Love What You Grow

Learn how to grow with VIVOSUN growing guide! #LoveWhatYouGrow Prepare to grow Pick your seeds: https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/autoflowering-vs-feminized-seeds/ Pick your growing setup: https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/best-setup-for-indoor-grow-room/  Pick your light: https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/right-led-wattage-for-4x4-grow-tent/ ...
Best Setup for Your Indoor Grow Room

Best Setup for Your Indoor Grow Room

Do you struggle finding what size light goes with what size tent? Is my light too strong? Is it too weak? Sure, these are...
grow tent kit

Premium Growing Equipment for Hydroponics

Originally published at TopGrows VIVOSUN provides its customers with indoor horticulture equipment. It was founded in California and has become a leading manufacturer in the...
Grow Tent: Maintenance and Repair

Love Your Grow Tent: Maintenance and Repair

So you have a grow tent and now you want to make sure it's in good shape to last as long as possible. Hopefully,...
cannabis Curling up

Explore How to Fix Cannabis Leaves that are Curling up Right Now

Cannabis leaves curling upupwards or downwards is something we often encounter while growing weed—every farmer needs to know how to fix it. Before we...
improve cannabis germination rates

How to Improve Cannabis Germination Rates (focus on 8 steps)

When we first started to grow cannabis, we often start from seeds. If the seeds we bought don’t sprout, we might lose a bit...
how to make the nutrient water last long

Cannabis Growing – How to Make Nutrient Water Last Longer

Nutrients are required for any indoor plant, and especially for plants that grow large and grow flowers with compounds like THC. Questions about nutrients...
control the height of marijuana plants

Growing Indoors – 3 Ways to Control Height of Your Marijuana Plants

When we grow indoors we will always have some constraints. Not everybody has enough space to grow weed at home. But it is easy...
control odor in a grow room

How do You Control Odor in a Grow Room

When you grow cannabis indoors, some plants will emit a strong smell, so how do you control odor in a grow room? Odor can be...
Keep Your Plants Alive

How to Keep Your Plants Alive When Going on Vacation

Have you ever been growing when a sudden trip comes up, or do you have a vacation planned? So what are your options to...