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Grow tent is a necessity for indoor growing and planting, and there is a lot of knowledge about tents. We have tried our best to summarize some of them, hoping to help you.

Best Setup for Your Indoor Grow Room

Best Setup for Your Indoor Grow Room

Do you struggle finding what size light goes with what size tent? Is my light too strong? Is it too weak? Sure, these are...
Grow Tent: Maintenance and Repair

Love Your Grow Tent: Maintenance and Repair

So you have a grow tent and now you want to make sure it's in good shape to last as long as possible. Hopefully,...
grow light

How Many Grow Lights do I Need

Before buying grow lights, you need to make sure you get the right size and quantity of lights for your garden. Doing this can...

How do You Increase Humidity in a Grow Tent?

Your grow tent is the home of your plants and whether the home is large or small, you need to maintain a proper environment...

Pros and Cons of Using Fabric Grow Bags

As we all know, choosing a good grow bag is one of the most important steps for a gardener. There is no single, ideal growing container...

How to Choose Fabric Grow Bags for Gardening

Fabric grow bags are made of flexible, lightweight woven material. There are a ton of different sizes and because they are fabric, they are...

Grow Room Glasses is Necessary for Your Indoor Grow

If you’re planning to grow in a grow tent or an indoor grow space and you plan to use a grow light, you’re going to...

What are the Best Ways to Use LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing?

LED grow lights are a great choice for cultivating a variety of plants in your grow tent. Surprisingly, growing plants indoors with LED lights have...
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How To Grow and Maintain Cannabis Mother Plants

You’ve found a perfect plant and you are ready to turn one into a clone mothercannabis mother plants—it’s a smart move, you love the...

How does adding CO2 to a Grow Tent Benefit Clones

More and more farmers are boosting plant growth and getting larger yields by adding CO2 for their plants. Under the same conditions, the yield...