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Grow Lights are so important during indoor growing. Here you can learn all about grow lights. Explore more now!

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights have become a lot more popular in recent years because of their low cost and how easy they are to use....

Tips for Hanging Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Of course, growing lights are the key to life for your plants, but how do you set them up in your grow tent? The question...

What Should I Do if My Plants are Growing too Slowly

Sometimes you will find that your plants seem to grow slowly, which might indicate that there are some health problems with your plants or...

What is a Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Many growers are now using full spectrum LED grow lights for your indoor grow. Let’s discuss the benefits and problems about the full spectrum grow...

Techniques to Speed Up the Veg Stage

When you've truly become a grower and you've got everything set up to start growing, you'll want to speed up your plants' growth, whether...
Yellow leafs

Why are My Weed Plants Turning Yellow

One thing you don’t want to see is your weed plants leaves turning yellow, but don't get too nervous if it happens. The yellowing...

Useful! LED vs HPS 2022

In recent years, technology has changed dramatically and grow lights have advanced by leaps and bounds. LED lights are a latecomer to the industry...