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Grow Lights are so important during indoor growing. Here you can learn all about grow lights. Explore more now!

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How Many Grow Lights do I Need

Before buying grow lights, you need to make sure you get the right size and quantity of lights for your garden. Doing this can...
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How far away should my lights be?

A question we hear often is, “How far away should lights be or how high should I hang my lights above my plants?” It...
Light stress

Cannabis Light Burn and Light Stress

Providing plants with adequate light is what we always strive for when growing, but too much of anything is bad and if you give...
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How to Fix Cannabis Heat Stress

In the process of growing cannabis, we often experience cannabis heat stress. Cannabis can only withstand a certain amount of heat and light and...

Pros and Cons of Using Fabric Grow Bags

As we all know, choosing a good grow bag is one of the most important steps for a gardener. There is no single, ideal growing container...

How to Choose Fabric Grow Bags for Gardening

Fabric grow bags are made of flexible, lightweight woven material. There are a ton of different sizes and because they are fabric, they are...

How to Increase Your Plant’s THC

People want cannabis with higher THC levels. This may be for medical purposes, to sell for a higher price, or for personal taste. But in any...

Grow Room Glasses is Necessary for Your Indoor Grow

If you’re planning to grow in a grow tent or an indoor grow space and you plan to use a grow light, you’re going to...

What are the Best Ways to Use LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing?

LED grow lights are a great choice for cultivating a variety of plants in your grow tent. Surprisingly, growing plants indoors with LED lights have...

How Long should Grow Lights be on for Houseplants

We have a lot of people these days who love growing their food. Growing our food can bring us healthy. People who do not...