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What Size of Smart Pot Do I Need for My Garden

Smart pots are pots made of fabric. Fabric grow bags have become extremely popular recently because they excel in aeration, reducing water retention, and...
transplant seedlings

How and When to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings

When to transplant cannabis seedlings? When you start raising seedlings, you’ll likely start by growing them in cups or small grow bags, this way they...
How to Clean Fabric Grow Bags

How to Clean Your Fabric Grow Bags?

Over the past few years, fabric grow pots have become popular among most gardeners: they’re super easy to clean after a season or two,...

Pros and Cons of Using Fabric Grow Bags

As we all know, choosing a good grow bag is one of the most important steps for a gardener. There is no single, ideal growing container...

How to Choose Fabric Grow Bags for Gardening?

Fabric grow bags are made of flexible, lightweight woven material. There are a ton of different sizes and because they are fabric, they are...