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What is Rosin and How to Make It

Rosin is a concentrate that is free of solubilizers and any chemicals. Generally, when we want to extract high concentrations of cannabis products from cannabis...
sugar leaves

Sugar Leaves: What to Do with Them

When your cannabis plant is mature enough to be harvested, if you look closely at the buds at the top of your plant, you'll...
cannabis storage

Keep Cannabis in Storage: What Should You Do

If you grow marijuana for your own use, after curing it properly, you will need to learn how to keep cannabis in storage properly...
top 6 strians

Top 6 Sativa strains in 2022

There are two main strains of cannabis: Sativa and Indica. Sativa contains higher THC, which has an uplifting and energizing effect, and Indica has a...
healthy roots

Knowing Your Roots for Better Plant Health

When we look at our plants or pick out already grown pots at the store, it's easy to tell whether they're healthy or not—healthy...