VIVOSUN 7 Day Programmable Digital Timer Switch with 2 Outlets - Accurate & Stable, UL Listed 1-Pack

· PROFESSIONAL DESIGN,RIGOROUS TESTING:This ultra-reliable timer is designed so the power light shines faintly enough that “sleeping” plants won’t be disturbed

· RUGGED OLD-SCHOOL CAMERA DESIGN:Made from extra-fortified plastic and high-quality components, the timer features two 3-prong, grounded sockets ready for use in North America

· CUSTOMIZE NEW PROGRAMS IN SECONDS:Set up to 8 independent ON/OFF programs in any 7-day pattern you can imagine; ON/OFF intervals are customizable down to 1 minute

· VIVOSUN BATTERY BACKUP:Our auto-backup function means you never lose your programs during power outages, and you can program the timer from the comfort of your chair

· COMPATIBILITY AND SAFETY GUARANTEED: UL listed and thoroughly controlled for quality, this timers is compatible with a wide variety of indoor systems and appliances


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