VIVOSUN 600W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum

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  • FULL SPECTRUM: VIVOSUN's LED deliver optimal light-spectrum coverage, more power for bloom, maximum PAR output at various distances, and super-bright lights that your plants will love
  • DOUBLE SWITCH CONTROL: This 600W led light has two separate switchs for two spectrums. It can independently control Veg and Bloom function
  • DAISY CHAIN FUNCTION: The light wattage needed is determined by the size of the room not the size or number of plants. Cable comes with the light for linking them together. The maximum units of this 600w led lights allow for daisy chain is 4 pcs
  • ENERGY SAVING: Less electricity consuming but producing like a 600 watt MH and HPS set up.With 2 built-in 5" cooling fans, VIVOSUN's professionally designed composite-metal grow light runs at proper temperature and wont kill ya on electric bills
  • LONG LIFESPAN AND GUARANTEED QUALITY: VIVOSUN guarantees your satisfaction in each stage of plant growth.Other seller are using very outdated LED technology in many units, which make the bulb looks like brighter. It seriously decrease the lifespan of the bulb and this is why they are so cheap

Spec Tech 

Name 600W LED HID Replacement: 600W HPS/MH
LED Power: 245W +/- 5% Max Coverage at 24"Height: 4x4ft
VEG.Power: 122W +/- 5% Core Coverage at 24"Height: 3x3ft
Bloom Power: 126W +/- 5% Use for: Vegetative and Bloom
LED Quantities: 120PCS 5W epistar LED Dimensions: 14x12.6x3 inches
Input Voltage: AC100-240V Item Weight: 8.27lbs
Frequency: 50-60HZ Lifespan: 100,000 hours


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