4 Inch Air Stone Bar

  • DELIVERS OXYGEN EFFECTIVELY: Designed to efficiently oxygenate your hydroponic system or aquarium and circulate nutrients through it
  • FINE TEXTURE FOR EFFICIENCY: Micro-pore design and airtight construction produce fine, evenly distributed bubbles to maximize oxygen replacement and lower CO2 levels
  • HEALTHY PLANTS AND FISH: With healthy oxygen levels and evenly distributed nutrients, roots and fish stay healthy for a thriving hydroponics system or aquarium
  • MAXIMUM SURFACE AREA: Compact 4 Inch bar design has a high surface area; unobtrusive unit has a small footprint but delivers large quantities of fine textured bubbles
  • CONVENIENT AND VERSATILE: Intake is compatible with standard 3/16" (4mm) airline tubing; unit installs easily in hydroponic systems, ponds, aquariums, tropical fish tanks and other systems

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